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Benny Glaser Banks Sixth WCOOP Title; Is He The UK's G.O.A.T?

Benny Glaser

The United Kingdom has had more than its fair share of elite-level poker players over the years, especially when it comes to all-round players that are adept at multiple formats and variants. Stephen Chidwick is considered to not only be one of the best British players but one of the greatest poker players on the planet. Benny Glaser securing his seventh World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP) at PokerStars, his second of 2022, means the man from Southampton should be considered the UK's Greatest Of All Time.

Glaser was a relative unknown quantity when he jetted off to Las Vegas in 2015 to compete at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). A deep run in the Millionaire Maker was followed up by a victory in the $1,500 Limit Triple Draw Lowball event. Little did anyone know back then, probably not even Glaser, that this would be the catalyst for him becoming one of the best mixed game players to have ever sat down at the felt.

Benny Glaser
Benny Glaser

Between 2015 and today, there has only been 2017 where Glaser has not captured a WSOP bracelet or triumphed in a WCOOP or Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) event; the two online festivals being seen as the toughest series' in the online poker world. Even though Glaser did not secure any gold in 2017, he still reached three WSOP final tables, including a runner-up finish in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Championship.

Glaser is a freak of nature, and we mean that is the nicest possible way. He can not only mix it up with the best live poker players the game has to offer, but he crushes at the virtual felt, too. To date, Glaser has four WSOP bracelets, seven SCOOP wins, and six WCOOP gongs; the man is incredible and showing little in the way of slowing down.

Perhaps best of all, in addition to Glaser's awe-inspiring results, is the man's character. Glaser is the consummate professional who conducts himself impeccably on and off the table. There is no drama with the player aptly known as "RunGodlike," no controversy, just a love for playing poker and helping himself to opponents' chips. Is he the UK's G.O.A.T? There are very few people who would argue against that, although Glaser would never in a million years claim such an accolade.

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WCOOP Title Number Six is in the Bag for Brilliant Benny

WCOOP title number six is now with Glaser after he took down WCOOP 18-H: $1,050 PLO 6-Max. The tournament drew in 202 players, who created a $202,000 prize pool, and it was Glaser who was the last man standing. His reward? Another $39,638.

British PLO specialist Gavin "gavz101" Cochrane was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble. Cochrane's exit paved the way for such superstars as Robin "Robinho" Ylitalo, Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov, Niklas "Lena900" Astedt, and Ami "UhhMee" Barer to see a return on their investment.

All but one of the seven finalists banked a five-figure prize. Sweden's "ShipitFTW911" collected $8,167 when their tournament ended in a seventh-place finish.

The field was whittled down further until only Glaser, Slovakian "Samustii," and Patrick "pads1161" Leonard remained. Leonard has put together several deep runs during the $85 million guaranteed 2022 WCOOP but a title has eluded him so far. That remains the case because Leonard crashed out in third place for $23,364.

Glaser avenged his fellow countryman's defeat by brushing aside "Samustti," resigning the runner-up to a $30,432 consolation prize, while grabbing the $39,638 top prize and his sixth WCOOP victory.

1Benny "RunGodlike" GlaserUnited Kingdom$39,638
3Patrick "pads1161" LeonardUnited Kingdom$23,364

Benny Glaser's Incredible WSOP and COOP Record

Benny Glaser
Benny Glaser
2015WSOP$1,500 Limit Triple Draw Lowball$136,215
2016SCOOP$2,100 Stud Hi-Lo$54,390
2016WSOP$1,500 Omaha Hi-Low 8 or Better$244,103
2016WSOP$10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better$407,194
2018SCOOP$22 FLHE$6,202
2018WCOOP$55 PLO 6-Max$23,807
2019SCOOP$215 FL Triple Draw$14,667
2019SCOOP$1,050 8-Game$45,840
2019WCOOP$109 Razz$10,924
2020SCOOP$2,100 8-Game$54,854
2020WCOOP$2,100 HORSE$43,055
2021SCOOP$215 PLO 6-Max PKO$29,547
2021WCOOP$55 NLO8 6-Max$43,055
2021WSOP$10,000 Razz Championship$274,693
2022SCOOP$2,100 HORSE$31,080
2022WCOOP$2,100 HORSE$33,300
2022WCOOP$1,050 PLO$39,638

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Recent PokerStars WCOOP Results

Robin Ylitalo
Robin Ylitalo captured his second 2022 WCOOP first-place

It was not only Glaser who captured a WCOOP title during the past few days, because Alm "Chillolini" Wilson triumphed in the World Championship of HORSE and now gets to call himself a World Champion, at least for the next 12 months.

There were also impressive victories for Robin "Robinho" Ylitalo, Henrique "Galochina10" Coutinho, a six-figure score for Thiago "KKremate" Crema, and Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira added a WCOOP gong to the WSOP Online bracelet he secured last week.

EventBuy-inEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
#16-L: NLHE Deepstack$1111,745$115,101lgburlamaqui$11,943
#16-M: NLHE Deepstack$1093,288$328,800DarkSkies21$47,324
#16-H: NLHE Deepstack$1,050310$310,000zelvavegas$58,319
#17-L: NLHE 7-Max$228,056$161,120willianortiz$22,631
#17-M: NLHE 7-Max$2151,979$395,800Rajadanaativ$50,026
#17-H: NLHE 7-Max$2,100177$375,000MakuFz$74,795
World Championship of HORSE$1,050100$100,000Alm "Chillolini" Wilson$24,500
#18-L: PLO$113,335$35,000Demjanenko$5,033
#18-M: PLO$1091,078$107,800KitCatPro$17,354
#18-H PLO$1,050202$202,000Benny "RunGodlike" Glaser$39,638
#19-L: NLHE Rebuys$5.505,963$50,000vagnerA2$7,108
#19-M: NLHE Rebuys$552,793$175,000babygabriiel$25,428
#19-H: NLHE Rebuys$530405$202,500Troll4You$29,925
#20-L: NLHE$5.509,755$47,799adem0w$6,512
#20-M: NLHE$554,891$244,550Prelub$34,818
#20-H: NLHE$530618$309,000Robin "Robinho" Ylitalo$54,418
#21-L: FLHE 6-Max$111,169$11,456tablepanic$1,817
#21-M: FLHE 6-Max$11195$20,000alligator14$3,932
#21-H: FLHE 6-Max$1146$46,000Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira$18,048
#22-L: NLHE PKO$559,458$472,900Henrique "Galochina10" Coutinho$43,354*
#22-M: NLHE PKO$5301,819$909,500Thiago "KKremate" Crema$103,703*
#22-H: NLHE PKO$5,200143$715,000MrceloLG30$164,984*
#23-L: Limit Razz$111,210$12,500pinguinho$1,958
#23-M: Limit Razz$109363$33,600gettingpwned$6,115
#23-H: Limit Razz$1,05062$70,000gangstachel9$22,750
#24-L: NLHE 6-Max Freezeout$224,795$95,900KingSouto$12,074
#24-M: NLHE 6-Max Freezeout$2151,104$220,800Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov$35,545
#24-H: NLHE 6-Max Freezeout$2,100155$310,000Grozzorg$62,831
#25-L: NLHE PKO Turbo Freezeout$5.506,395$31,$3,133
#25-M: NLHE PKO Turbo Freezeout$553,632$181,6000wnr00$17,088
#25-H: NLHE PKO Turbo Freezeout$530506$253,000Daniel "fauzika1" Camel$46,828
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