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Sam Grafton and Chris Moorman Capture Online Sunday Titles

Sam Grafton

Two of the United Kingdom's biggest names took down online tournaments this weekend, namely Sam Grafton and Chris Moorman. Grafton secured a title at PokerStars, while Moorman shone the brightest in an event at GGPoker.

Grafton's victory came in the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up, a tournament that saw a compact field of 32 entrants formed. The small field meant only the top four finishers won a slice of the $32,000 prize pool. Brazil's Rodrigo "seijistar" Seiji crashed out in fifth, locking up some prize money for the surviving quartet of players.

Heads-up was reached after Pedro "pvigar" Garagnani and Andrey "Anjeyyyy" Novak crashed out, and saw Grafton lock horns with his fellow Brit, Patrick "pads1161" Leonard. Grafton and Leonard stuck a deal that concluded the tournament and saw Leonard finish second for $11,049, with Grafton reeling in an $11,671 top prize.

Grafton went on to finish sixth in the $1,050 Sunday High Roller tournament later on August 7, a result that added another $4,164 to his coffers.

Former Irish Open Main Event champion Dan "NukeTheFish!" Wilson also won a PokerStars event, doing so in the $109 Sunday Starter. Wilson got his hands on $1,923 after a heads-up deal with Canada's "aminolast." Team PokerStars' Fintan "easywithaces" Hand finished fifth in this tournament for $424.

Other PokerStars results involving British and Irish stars included:

  • foxjoke – first-place in the $109 Bounty Builder for $17,124*
  • savhed21 – third-place in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR for $13,978*
  • .COM??LOL – first-place in the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for $12,655*
  • noideawhtto – fourth-place in the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $5,543
  • Andy "BowieEffect" Wilson – ninth-place in the $530 Bounty Builder for $4,544
  • Skint Paddy – first-place in the $215 NLO8 Sunday Supersonic for $4,162
  • Stephen "woody1234321" Woodhead – second-place in the Hotter $215 for $4,086*
  • foxjoke – first-place in the Hotter $22 for $3,780*
  • HappyPaulPhuaa – first-place in the $109 Omania for $2,363
  • Jagz7 – third place in the Hotter $109 for $2,273*
  • Patrick "thebigdog09" Brooks – third-place in the Hotter $215 for $2,184*
  • conoror96 – ninth-place in the $109 Sunday Warm-Up for $1,322
  • Azh15vyu – second-place in the $109 PLO KOmania for $949*
  • Jagz7 – fifth-place in the $320 Bounty Builder for $925*
  • Jagz7 – third-place in the $109 Fast 5 for $811*

*includes bounty payments

Moorman Takes Down the $777 Lucky Sevens at GGPoker

Chris Moorman
Chris Moorman

Chris Moorman added $15,271 to his incredible winnings tally when he came out on top in the $777 Sunday Lucky Sevens High Roller at GGPoker. Moorman was one of 74 entrants in this high-stake affair, and was the last man standing.

Patrick "chrisbenoit" Brooks joined Moorman at the final table but ultimately crashed and burned in fourth place, a finish worth $5,771.

Moorman wasn't the only British winner at GGPoker this weekend because "KurisuKyouma" won the $1,050 Sunday Omaholic Main Event for $20,368. Tal Noach finished fifth in the same event for $5,566, in addition to enjoying another final table appearance later in the evening.

Check out these GGPoker results involving British and Irish players.

  • RelaAax – third-place in the $250 Sunday Main Event for $19,394
  • Tal Noach – third-place in the $840 Omaholic Super Stack HR for $6,063
  • Jonathan Proudfoot – eighth-place in the $840 Sunday High Rollers Bounty Special for $4,815
  • RelaAax – seventh-place in the $210 Bounty Hunters Sunday Big Game for $3,811*
  • Patrick Leonard – ninth-place in the $840 Sunday High Rollers Bounty Special for $2,282

*includes bounty payments

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