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Eder Campana Captures GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title ($256,419)

Eder Campana

Eder "BlueMoon" Campana staged an impressive comeback to become the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ champion. Campana went into the final table fourth in chips, trailed when he navigated his way to the heads-up stage, but never gave up. Campana now has $256,419 more in his GGPoker account than he did a few days ago.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

1Eder "BlueMoon" CampanaBrazil$256,419
2Philippe D'AuteuilCanada$200,253
3Christopher FrankAustria$156,389
4Oliver WeisAustria$122,133
5Mario MosboeckAustria$95,381
6Anatoly FilatovTurkey$74,488
8Zombie ChowMontenegro$45,430
9LIM ZOMBIEHong Kong$35,479

"LIM ZOMBIE" sat down at the final table with only eight big blinds and was, unsurprisingly, the first of the finalists heading to the rail. Their exit was confirmed after Oliver Weis min-raised to 70,000 from late position and called when LIM ZOMBIE three-bet all in from the button for 197,054. Weis showed ace-jack, LIM ZOMBIE flipped over queen-jack, and a jack-high board reduced the player count.

Another undead fan, "Zombie Chow" busted during the 20,000/40,000/5,000a level. They open-shoved for 327,141 from the small blind with king-four, and Weis called from the big blind with king-six. Both players flopped a king, but Weis' six-kicker played, and Zombie Chow busted.

Ukraine's "bredor" was the next to fall, doing so in a cooler spot against Christopher Frank. The action folded to bredor in the small blind, and they ripped in their 621,708 stack, or 10.5 big blinds, with ace-ten. It was a move that would ordinarily win the blinds and antes, but not this time because Frank woke up with pocket aces in the hole, and snap-called. There was no miracle run out for bredor, and the tournament was down to six players.

Anatoly Filatov
GGPoker Ambassador Anatoly Filatov

The final six became five with the demise of GGPoker ambassador Anatoly Filatov. With blinds at 30,000/60,000/7,500, Filatov pushed his 536,448 stack into the middle from the small blind with king-deuce, and Campana called with his pocket fives. Campana flopped a full house, and Filatov never caught up. Game over for the two-time Super MILLION$ champion.

Former professional soccer star Mario Mosboeck was the next player to find themselves void of chips. Again, it was a battle of the blinds that removed a player from the action. Weis jammed from the small blind, and Mosboeck called off his 7.5 big blind stack with king-five. Weis showed ace-jack, which held after a nine-high board missed both players.

Each of the surviving four players locked in a six-figure score, and Weis was the first player to get his hands on one. Weis min-raised to 140,000 from under the gun, Campana three-bet to 350,000 on the button, only for Weis to shove for 2,063,386. Campana instantly called and flipped a pair of kings onto their backs, while Weis revealed the ace-queen. A king on the turn left Weis drawing dead. Weis was down to less than an ante after paying the big blind, and busted to Frank's pocket jacks on the next hand.

Frank fell in third after a clash with the start-of-the-day chip leader Philippe D'Auteuil did not go to plan. Frank min-raised to 160,000 and called when D'Auteuil three-bet to 520,000 from the big blind. D'Auteuil led for 400,000 on the nine-four-four flop, and Frank called. An offsuit deuce on the turn saw D'Auteuil bet 640,000, around a third of the pot and Frank called. A four on the river saw D'Auteuil set Frank all-in for his last 1,129,518, and Frank made the call. Frank showed jack-nine for a full house, but D'Auteuil had him crushed all along with his pocket kings in the hole.

That hand left Campana trailing almost two-to-one going into heads-up against D'Auteuil. An hour-long heads-up battle saw Campana almost bust a couple of times before mounting a comeback then claiming the chip lead. The final hand happened during the 100,000/200,000/25,000a level. D'Auteuil shoved for ten big blinds with king-four, and Campana called with queen-ten. The king-queen-six flop hit both players but Campana needed some additional help. An ace on the turn gave Campana outs to a straight, with the jack on the river improving Campana to Broadway, and busted D'Auteuil.

D'Auteuil collected $200,253 for his runner-up finish, leaving Campana to reel in the $256,419 top prize and the title of champion.

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