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Rick Trigg Wins 2022 GUKPT Reading Main Event and Third GUKPT Title

Rick Trigg

Team Grosvenor's Rick Trigg became a three-time Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Main Event champion after taking down the £1,000 buy-in GUKPT Reading Main Event. Trigg won the GUKPT Blackpool Main Event in 2013, claimed the GUKPT Manchester win in 2021, and came out on top in the GUKPT Reading Main Event this weeked.

Winning three GUKPT titles is no mean feat in its own right, but this hat-trick-completing victory was made all the more special by the fact Trigg did not even bother with a Day 1, instead choosing to take full advantage of the late registration period and entering at the start of Day 2. The decision to travel from Sheffield to Reading proved a profitable one because Trigg returns home with £78,260 to show for his win.

2022 GUKPT Reading Main Event Final Table Results

1Rick Trigg£78,260
2Kully Sidhu£54,930
3David Anderson£33,570
4Michael Burnett£21,360
5Christopher Brammer£14,040
6Jack Hardcastle£10,370
7Jack Loraine£7,630
8Andrew Bullen£6,410
19Benjamin Creasey£5,490

Some 346 players bought into the Main Event, and 34 of those entrants saw a return on their investment. Duc Cao was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble, getting the last of his chips with king-ten after spike a ten on the river. However, Leon Campbell had flopped two pair and turned a boat with the unlikely eight-five.

Day 2 ended with 14 players after the likes of Peter Wigglesworth, Andrew Bak, Dean Clay, the aforementioned Campbell, and Renee Xie bowed out. The surviving 14 players returned to the poker room on July 24 to fight it out for the title.

Vikrum Mehta's Day 3 did not last long because he got his stack in the middle with ace-queen only to run into the pocket rockets of one Christopher Brammer. Mehta flopped a ueen but there was no more help from the community cards.

Former Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur, and England international defender Anthony Gardner busted in 11th when Benjamin Creasey's king-seven came from behind to beat the football star's ace-ten.

Phil Tate then ripped it in with pocket tens from the small blind only for Kully Sidhu to snap him off in the big blind with pocket aces.

Creasey was the first casualty of the final table, his pocket sixes proving no match for the superior kings of GUKPT Leeds champion Jack Hardcastle. Andrew Bullen then his ace-queen into the pair of black kings of Jack Loraine to leave only seven players in contention for the title.

Those seven became six when Loraine committed his last ten big blinds with a pair of jacks in the hole, and Michael Burnett looked him up with queen-seven. A seven on the flop and a queen on the river reduced the player count by one.

Loraine's seat had not even gone cold when Hardcastle joined the list of busted players. Hardcastle three-bet all-in over the top of a Burnett min-raise, only for David Anderson to cold four-bet. Burnett ducked out of the way, and Anderson's ace-king stayed again of Hardcastle's dominated king-queen.

Brammer was the next to go after a clash with Trigg did not go to plan. Brammer shoved for 16 big blinds with king-seven, Trigg called with ace-queen and ended the hand with a full house.

Fourth place went to Burnett, who had a dramatic demise. First, his kings were cracked by Sidhu's ace-queen courtesy of an ace on the turn. He then tripled up with ace-king before getting 15 big blinds into the middle with ace-seven and losing to Anderson's pocket tens.

A cooler of a hand sent the GUKPT Reading Main Event heads-up. With blinds of 25,000/50,000/50,000a, Anderson raised to 160,000 with suited king-queen, Trigg three-bet to 450,000 with the dominating ace-king, only for Anderson to shove. Trigg called and covered Anderson by a meagre 200,000 chips, or four big blinds. Anderson picked up a club flush draw on the flop but missed all his outs to bust in third.

Neither Trigg or Sidhu managed to pull away from one another until Trigg went on a mini tear and forged a 4,200,000 to 2,800,000 lead for himself. The final hand of the tournament started with a limp from Trigg and a check from Sidhu. A queen-four-nine flop saw Sidhu check-call a 100,000 bet. Sidhu check-called a 350,000 bet after a jack landed on the turn, leading to a blank six river. Sidhu jammed for 2,200,000 into the 1,100,000 pot, and Trigg stood up to examine the board before calling. Sidhu turned over queen-four for two pair but Trigg had turned a set with his pocket jacks.

A Trip to Leeds Follows Goliath

The next GUKPT stop is not until late September, when the tour heads to Leeds, West Yorkshire, for the eighth of 11 legs. The lengthier than usual delay is due to the Goliath festival taking place from August 25 through September 4.

Goliath X is going to be massive, with an estimated prize pool of £1,000,000 despite the tournament's buy-in only being £150. There's a bustling side event schedule too, including a GUKPT Coventry Main Event, which last year paid Joe Hindry £93,460.

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