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The 2022 APAT WCOAP Kicks Off at partypoker On June 19


It is almost time for the most popular series that the Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) runs: the World Championship Of Amateur Poker (WCOAP). The 2022 edition of the WCOAP takes place online at partypoker before heading to the home of British poker, Dusk Till Dawn for a live festival.

In keeping with the spirit of APAT, all the online WCOAP events are played as freezeouts, so make sure you put that first bullet to good use because it's the only one you will get! Everything kicks off on June 19 with the first two of a scheduled 12 online events. Both the 8-Max KO and the PLO8 events come with $55 buy-ins and shuffle up and deal at 8:05 p.m. BST. The 8-Max KO has a cool $40,000 guaranteed prize pool, while the Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo players will fight it out for a share of at least $7,500.

Other tournaments include 6-Max No-Limit Hold'em, Fixed Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Mix-Max, turbos, and turbo PKOs. Each costs $55 and sports a fantastic blind structure that allows for plenty of play.

The crown jewel of the online APAT WCOAP is the two-day Championship event on June 26, which comes with a$75,000 guaranteed prize pool for a $109 investment. Every entrant sits down with 100,000 chips and plays to a 10-minute clock where the blinds start at 500/1,000/130a.

Day 1 ends after the completion of the 26th level. Play then resumes with a 15-minute clock at 8:05 p.m. BST on June 27.

Satellites from a mere $0.33 for the APAT WCOAP Main Event are available at partypoker right now.

The final online WCOAP event is an online Day 1 for the live Main Event. It shuffles up and deals at 8:05 p.m. BST on June 26 and concludes when only 15% of the field remains. Be in the top 15% and you progress to the live Day 2 at Dusk Till Dawn on July 3 complete with your stack from the online Day 1 and with a min-cash in tow.

2022 APAT WCOAP Online Schedule

Sun 19 Jun8:05 p.m.WCOAP #01 8-Max KO: $40K Gtd$55
 8:05 p.m.WCOAP #02 PLO8: $7.5K Gtd$55
Mon 20 Jun8:05 p.m.WCOAP #03 6-Max: $25K Gtd$55
Tue 21 Jun8:05 p.m.WCOAP #04 FLHE: $2.5K Gtd$55
 8:05 p.m.WCOAP #05 PLO8 KO: $7.5K Gtd$55
Wed 22 Jun8:05 p.m.WCOAP #06 6-Max KO: $40K Gtd$55
Thu 23 Jun8:05 p.m.WCOAP #07 Mix-Max KO: $40K Gtd$55
 8:05 p.m.WCOAP #08 PLO: $7.5K Gtd$55
Fri 24 Jun8:05 p.m.WCOAP #09 7-Max Turbo: $15K Gtd$55
Sat 25 Jun8:05 p.m.WCOAP #10 7-Max Turbo KO: $25K Gtd$55
Sun 26 Jun8:05 p.m.WCOAP #11 8-Max Championship: $75K Gtd$109
 8:05 p.m.WCOAP #12 PLO KO: $10K Gtd$55
 8:05 p.m.Online Day 1 for Live Main Event£150

Dusk Till Dawn Prepares for the 2022 APAT WCOAP

Dusk Till Dawn Entrance

The 2022 APAT WCOAP continues after the online series when it heads to Dusk Till Dawn from June 29 through July 3. Dusk Till Dawn is making preparations for more than half a dozen events, including the eagerly anticipated WCOAP Main Event.

Two Day 1s are scheduled at Dusk Till Dawn on July 1 and July 2, with the final day starting at 2:00 p.m. on July 3. It was at Dusk Till Dawn that the two largest WCOAP Main Event payouts were made. Dave Garden topped a field of 405 runners in 2011 and banked £12,092, while Erimas Livonas secured £10,000 in 2012 after battling his way through 450 opponents.

Players can buy into the Live WCOAP events, including the Main Event, via the holding tanks online in the partypoker lobby, in person at Dusk Till Dawn, or via the LuxonPay app. Be aware there are player caps for the live events, so act soon or risk missing out.

2022 APAT WCOAP Live Schedule

Wed 29 Jun6:30 p.m.WCOAP International Team Championship Day 1.2 
 8:00 p.m.WCOAP Short Deck Championship£60
Thu 30 Jun3:00 p.m.WCOAP International Team Championship Day 2.1 
 6:00 p.m.WCOAP High Roller Championship (Open Event)£340
 6:30 p.m.WCOAP International Team Championship Day 2.2 
 8:00 p.m.WCOAP ROE (MLHE/PLO) Championship£60
Fri 1 Jul3:00 p.m.WCOAP Main Event Day 1B£150
 7:00 p.m.WCOAP Bounty Championship£120
Sat 2 Jul3:00 p.m.WCOAP Main Event Day 1C£150
 5:00 p.m.WCOAP NLHE Tag Championship£120
 8:00 p.m.WCOAP Mix Max Championship£120
Sun 3 Jul2:00 p.m.WCOAP Main Event Day 2 
 3:00 p.m.WCOAP Shootout Championship£60
 7:00 p.m.WCOAP PLO Championship£120
 8:00 p.m.WCOAP Win The Button Championship£60
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