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Gary Armstrong is the King of 2022 GUKPT Edinburgh

Gary Armstrong 2022 GUKPT Edinburgh Champion

Gary Armstrong is a Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) champion after the Scotsman was the last player standing from a 390-strong field in the £750 buy-in 2022 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event.

Armstrong finished second in a £250 Grosvenor 25/25 tournament on May 5 and won a career-best £13,820. Now he can boast about a £57,770 score and being a poker champion.

2022 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event Final Table Results

1Gary Armstrong£57,770*
2Cammy Williamson£53,000*
3Mark Roberts£27,660
4Mo Kerkeni£17,670
5Youness Barakat£11,520
6Sunny Rehilhu£8,450
7Ed Swales£6,150
8Chris Welch£5,250
9Jarrod Thatcher£4,480

*reflects a heads-up deal

The top 38 finishers got their hands on a slice of the £261,300 prize pool. Players including Renee Xie, Andrew Bak, Matt Bushell, and David Docherty all saw a return on their £750 investment. Docherty fell in tenth place, burst the final table bubble, and missed out on adding the Edinburgh Main Event title to his GUKPT Luton victory.

Australian Jarrod Thatcher was the first of the nine finalists who found themselves void of chips. Thatcher opened to 205,000 with ace-king, with blinds at 10,000/20,000/20,000a, before calling off his last 14,000 chips when Youness Barakat three-bet all-in with ace-queen from the big blind. Thatcher was a substantial favourite until Barakat flopped two pair. Barakat improved to a full house on the turn, and Thatcher busted in ninth for £4,480, his first recorded cash outside his native Australia.

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Chris Welch was the next player heading for the showers; Welch collected £5,250 for his eighth-place finish. Wlech open-shoved for 272,000 chips, or 13.5 big blinds, from under the gun with ace-six of diamonds. Unfortunately for Welch, Gary Armstrong woke up in the hijack and three-bet all-in for 841,000 with pocket kings to isolate Welch. Armstrong's move worked because the other players folded. Welch caught a six on the flop but did not find any more of his outs and he bowed out.

Seventh place and £6,150 went to Edward Swales, who finished fourth for £6,210 in the GUKPT Edinburgh Mini Main Event. Swales came unstuck in a hand against Cammy Williamson. Swales had only a few hands earlier folded ace-jack to an under the gun raise but decided to three-bet all-in for 345,000 (13 big blinds) with ace-nine after Williamson opened from UTG+1. Williamson called with ace-jack, which held to reduce the player count by one.

The last four-figure prize went to Sunny Rehilhu, who collected £8,450. Armstrong min-raised to 60,000 from under the gun with pocket sevens before calling when Rehilhu jammed all-in for 470,000 from the big blind with the inferior pocket fives. The seven remained true as the five community cards fell ace-high, leaving only five players in the hunt for the 2022 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event title.

London-based Italian Barakat was the next player to fall; he collected £11,520 for his fifth-place finish. Barakat had been nursing a short stack and was looking for a spot to commit his last seven big blinds, He thought he found that scenario when Williamson made it 2.5-times the big blind from the button. Barakat looked down at ace-five and three-bet all-in, but Williamson called with a pair of tens in the hole. The board ran out without any drama, and Barakat busted.

Four became three with the untimely demise of Mo Kerkeni of France. The £17,670 Kerkeni took home is his new career-high. Kerkeni was down to 12 big blinds when he looked down at king-queen in the big blind and quickly called with Armstrong moved all-in from the small blind. Armstrong flipped over the powerhouse hand that is pocket kings, and Kerkeni was drawing dead by the turn.

The tournament progressed to the heads-up stage when Mark Roberts dusted off his stack in a hand against Williamson. Roberts decided the best way to play pocket sixes on the button was to open-shove for 30 big blinds. It would have collected the blinds and antes had Williamson not called with ace-nine offsuit! Williamson's gutsy call was rewarded with an ace on the turn and another on the river. Roberts banked £27,660 for his deep run.

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Thanks to that hand, Williamson held a 4,200,000 (105 big blinds) to 3,600,000 (89 big blinds) lead over Armstrong at the start of heads-up. The heads-up duo looked at the numbers for a deal before playing a single hand, and agreed that Williamson would win at least £53,000, Armstrong £51,270, which left £6,500 for the eventual champion.

Free from the shackles of a massive pay jump, heads-up progressed at a frantic pace. Stack sizes swing wildly, but it was Armstrong who came out smiling when the dust settled. The final hand saw Armstrong push all-in with king-deuce of clubs, and Williamson call off his last 8.5 big blinds with queen-nine. Williamson flopped a nine but the flop contained two clubs. A flush-completing jack of clubs improved Armstrong to a flush and left Williamson drawing dead, thus concluding the 2022 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event.

2022 GUKPT Luton Kicks Off on May 26

Players do not have long to wait for the next GUKPT festival because the long-running tour heads to Luton from May 26. The Luton Main Event always draws a big, tough crowd, and this £1,250 buy-in affair should be no different, unless some of the pros head off to Las Vegas for the start of the 2022 World Series of Poker.

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