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Big Weekend of Action in the 888poker XL Spring Series

888poker XL Spring Series

888poker is the place to be this weekend if you like affordable, well-structured online poker tournaments with juicy guaranteed prize pools. Seven events from the $1.5 million guaranteed XL Spring series take place over the weekend, and seven players are going to win big.

The weekend's festivities kick off at 7:00 p.m. on May 27 with the $55 buy-in $25,000 guaranteed DeepStack. This is followed up by the $16.50 buy-in $12,000 guaranteed Mini DeepStack, then the $33 buy-in $10,000 guaranteed Late DeepStack.

XL Spring Series takes a short break on May 28, so maybe you can put some study in while watching the UEFA Champions League final because May 29 has some cracking events.

Former Irish Open Champion Ian Simpson Flattered to Join 888poker

The highlight of the weekend is, without doubt, the $120,000 Tune-Up, a $109 buy-in event that shuffles up and deals at 7:00 p.m. It is a two-day tournament that pauses when the nine-handed final table is reached. Navigate your way to that final table and you'll return at 7:00 p.m. on May 30 to fight it out for the title.

888poker XL Spring Series Tournaments This Weekend

DateTime (BST)EventBuy-in
Fri 27 May7:00 p.m.#14 - $25,000 DeepStack$55
 8:00 p.m.#15 - $12,000 Mini DeepStack$16.50
 9:00 p.m.#16 - $10,000 Late DeepStack$33
Sun 29 May5:00 p.m.$15,000 PKO Triple Threat$11
 5:30 p.m.$20,000 PKO Triple Threat$22
 6:00 p.m.$40,000 PKO Triple Threat$55
 7:00 p.m.#17 - $120,000 Tune-Up$109

XL Spring #11 - $30,000 PKO 8-Max Final Table Results

"R3li_able" of Lithuania was the biggest XL Spring Series winner on May 26 after they were the last player standing in the $30,000 PKO 8-Max event. A field of 326 players paid $160 to enter, which created a $48,900 prize pool, far more than the advertised guaranteed amount.

All but one of the finalists collected four-figure sums when bounties were included. However, the night belonged to R3li_able who busted "Gat0rbl00d" of Canada in second place for an $8,401 haul, resigning the runner-up to a $5,156 consolation prize.

PlacePlayerCountryPrizeBountiesTotal prize
4ChipsFoolUnited Kingdom$1,956$1,463$3,419
5binkachuNew Zealand$1,344$720$2,064
8brudli030 $611$65$676

888poker XL Spring Series Marches Forwards; Crowns Freezeout Champions

XL Spring #12 - $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max Final Table Results

The $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max event drew in 574 players who ensured the guarantee was beaten by $8,700.

The top four finishers got their hands on plenty of bounties, meaning they each won at least twice the amount of the fifth-place finisher. "FidisManibu8" finished fourth for $2,167 with "Tighterinho" banking $1,678 after their demise in third.

Heads-up pitted Romania's "Machidon7" and "Mucxito" of Azerbaijan. Victory went to the latter who reeled in a $4,167 score, leaving the former to bank a $3,641 payout.

PlacePlayerCountryPrizeBountiesTotal prize
4FidisManibu8United Kingdom$1,076$1,091$2,167

XL Spring #13 - $15,000 Late PKO 8-Max Final Table Results

Ukraine's "11011983" became an XL Spring Series champion after finishing first from a field of 762 in the $22 buy-in $15,000 Late PKO 8-Max event. The Ukrainian helped themselves to a $2,410 first-place prize after sending Romania's "ScandallRO" to the showers in second place, which came with a $1,567 pay day.

PlacePlayerCountryPrizeBountiesTotal prize
Name Surname

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Former Irish Open Champion Ian Simpson Flattered to Join 888poker Former Irish Open Champion Ian Simpson Flattered to Join 888poker