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Goliath X Set To Be The Biggest Goliath Ever

2022 Goliath X

Grosvenor Poker expects the tenth edition of the Goliath tournament to be the biggest on record with an estimated prize pool weighing in at £1 million! This August sees the Goliath return to a live setting after two years of online action, and Grosvenor Poker is pulling out all the stops to make it epic.

There are eight starting flights in total between August 27 and September 2, two of which have a turbo blind structure. Each flight costs £150 to enter (£120+£30) and play lasts for 16 levels. The first eight levels last 30-minutes with the second eight spanning 40-minutes; the turbo flights have 20-minute blinds throughout.

Players who make it through any of the flights return to the action at the Grosvenor Casino at the Coventry Building Society Arena on September 3. Here, the plan is to play another 16x 40-minute levels or until only four tables remain.

Day 3 commences at 11:00 a.m. on September 4 and continues until one player remains, the slayer of the Goliath.

Whytestar Wins the 2021 Goliath Online (£54,460)

2022 Goliath X Schedule

DateTimeEventClockLevels Played
Sat 27 Aug12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight A8x 30-mins – 8x 40-mins16
Sun 28 Aug12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight B8x 30-mins – 8x 40-mins16
Mon 29 Aug12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight C8x 30-mins – 8x 40-mins16
Tue 30 Aug12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight D8x 30-mins – 8x 40-mins16
Wed 31 Aug12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight E8x 30-mins – 8x 40-mins16
Thu 1 Sep12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight F8x 30-mins – 8x 40-mins16
Fri 2 Sep12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight G Turbo20-mins16
 7:00 p.m.Goliath Flight F Turbo20-mins16
Sat 3 Sep11:00 a.m.Goliath Day 240-mins16 or last 4 tables
Sun 4 Sep11:00 a.m.Goliath Day 340-minsTo finish

Past Goliath Champions

Lee Reynolds
Lee Reynolds the 2019 Goliath champion

The live edition of the Goliath grew every year from its launch in 2011 through to 2019. That trend would have continued had COVID-19 not put paid to live poker for the best part of two years.

Lee Rawson won the inaugural Goliath in 2011, outlasting 1,764 opponents to bank £32,705. Lee Reynolds is the reigning champion, having topped a 9,300-strong field in 2019, a finish worth a cool £64,601 after a five-way deal.

Both Goliath Online events were roaring successes. "WRDortmund7" won in 2020 with "Whytestar" coming out on top last year under the watchful eye of the PokerNews Live Reporting team. Although the online editions were fantastic fun, a tournament like the Goliath needs to be played in a live venue because it brings the poker community together.

YearBuy-inEntrantsPrize poolChampionPrize
2011£100+£201,765£176,500Lee Rawson£32,705
2012£100+£201,954£200,000Les Fenton£35,800
2013£100+£202,570£257,000Jake Skidmore£29,690
2014£100+£203,394£339,400Ryan Foster£62,320
2015£100+£204,210£421,000Miikka Toika£70,800
2016£100+£205,232£523,200Vamshi Vandanapu£62,750
2017£100+£206,385£638,500Elliot Marais£85,760
2018£100+£257,584£758,400Florian Duta£101,450
2019£100+£209,300£911,410Lee Reynolds£64,601

2020 and 2021 took place online at Grosvenor Poker

Lee Reynolds Wins the Record-Breaking Goliath For £64,601

Goliath X Side Event Schedule

It is not only Goliath X that is running because there is a bustling schedule of side events for players to get their teeth into. They include a £1,000 GUKPT Main Event, a £110 Women’s Championship, a £1,650 High Roller, and the ever-popular £400 G400 event.

Thu 25 Aug12:00 p.m.GUKPT Main Day 1A£1,000
Fri 26 Aug12:00 p.m.GUKPT Main Day 1B£1,000
 6:00 p.m.Women’s Championship£110
 6:00 p.m.RedTooth Bounty Open Event£61
 9:00 p.m.GUKPT Main Day 1C Turbo£1,000
Sat 27 Aug11:00 a.m.GUKPT Main Day 2 
 2:00 p.m.RedTooth Malta52 Open Event£86
 2:15 p.m.Women’s Championship Day 2 
Sun 28 Aug1:00 p.m.RedTooth 2 Player Tag Open Event£61 per player
 2:15 p.m.GUKPT Main Day 3 
 4:00 p.m.High Roller Day 1£1,650
 7:00 p.m.G400 Flight 1A£400
 8:00 p.m.RedTooth Turbo Open Event£61
Mon 29 Aug2:15 p.m.High Roller Day 2 
 7:00 p.m.G400 Flight 1B£400
Tue 30 Aug6:00 p.m.4/5/6 Omaha£150
 7:00 p.m.G400 Flight 1C£400
Wed 31 Aug4:15 p.m.G400 Day 2 
 6:30 p.m.Joker’s Wild£100
Thu 1 Sep4:15 p.m.G400 Day 3 
 8:00 p.m.Staff Event£50
Sat 3 Sep2:00 p.m.RedTooth RPT£74
Sun 4 Sep12:00 p.m.RedTooth 4 Player Tag Open Event£89 per player
 2:00 p.m.Turbo£170
 3:00 p.m.Seniors£150

Satellites from only £1 are running right now at Grosvenor Poker. These feed into one of two Goliath X satellites, an £11 rebuy and £30 Freezeout, each guaranteeing at least two £150 Goliath seats. The £11 rebuy runs at 8:10 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, with the £30 Freezeout taking place at the same time on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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