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Patrick Leonard is the World’s No. 1 Online MTT Player

Patrick Leonard

Team partypoker’s Patrick "pads1161" Leonard has returned to the summit of the worldwide online poker rankings, provided by, and by some distance. Leonard’s incredible results in online poker’s toughest games earned him 11,267 points, some 611 more than the Brazilian superstar Pedro "pvigar" Garagnani.

Leonard now has more than $15.5 million in tracked online poker tournament cashes, an impressive tally helped by starting 2022 in blistering style. He won the $365 Giant at GGPoker for $46,427 before blowing that out of the water by taking down a $5,200 buy-in event during the PokerStars Winter Series for $132,608. With the PokerStars Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) just around the corner, one would expect Leonard to extend his lead in both the United Kingdom and global rankings.

Five British Poker Players to Watch in 2022

Jonathan Proudfoot is second in the UK and 12th worldwide, the only other British star to feature in the global top 20. Prooudfoot’s total earnings tip the scales at almost $8.9 million. Not a week goes by that Proudfoot does not help himself to a five-figure prize. He made it into our five British players to watch in 2022 and PokerNews stands by its prediction.

Patrick "thebigdog1" Brooks, Patrick "JaegsPL" Lauber, and online poker legend Chris "moorman1" Moorman make up the current top five in the United Kingdom.

Sixth-place currently belongs to Andrew "stato_1" Hulme, who continually goes deep in PokerStars tournaments. Hulme was ranked as highly as 32nd in the world back in 2013, and we would not bet against him eclipsing that number in the near future; Hulme is 63rd right now.

Look at 15th place in the UK standings and you find "Phily" who is the current number one in Liverpool in addition to reaching an all-time high of 279th globally. Phily’s results in mid-stakes tournaments are superb. A bronze medal in the GGPoker Global MILLION$ in late January saw him turn $50 into $47,489, his largest online cash to date.

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UK Online Poker Rankings (February 11, 2022)

UK rankWorld RankPlayerPoints
11Patrick “pleno1” Leonard11,267
212Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot8,392 
340Patrick “thebigdog09” Brooks6,895
447Patrick "JaegsPL" Lauber6,840
558Chris “moorman1” Moorman6,093
663Andrew "stato_1" Hulme5,960
765*Robert "Havana" Haigh5,866
890Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford5,260
9159John “JBradley” Bradley4,429
11193Lander "Tua" Bereciartua4,165
12203Vinnie "VanH3Lzing" Mohan4,075
13255Scott “Aggro Santos” Margereson3,720
14274Jareth “jareth3542” East3,642
17304Maximilian "1mtm91" Sanders3,519
18309Brandon “Tyrion2205” Sheils3,480
19329Andrew "Picasso 2" Hedley3,410
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