2021 World Series of Poker

Man Wins 2021 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event for £61,220

2021 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event champion

The eyes of the poker community may be on the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) right now but there was a major tournament taking place a little closer to home. The 2021 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Edinburgh Main Event drew in a crowd of 351 players, and an anonymous man going simply by "M.I." outlasted them all. Mr Anon walked away with £61,220 for his £750 investment.

2021 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event Final Table Results

2Ludovic Geilich£42,060
3Katie Swift£25,350
4Tom Laghzaoui£16,130
5Jamie Nixon£10,370
6Paul Green£8,070
7Paul Brown£5,760
8Michael Wharton£4,840
9Dan Wilson£4,150

Team Grosvenor's Jamie Nixon Wins GUKPT Leeds Mini Main

Thirty-six players shared the £235,170 prize pool of the 2021 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event. Jack Hardcastle, Kully Sidhu, Terry Jordon, Alex Whitenstall, Richard Kellett, and David Doherty were among those who padded their bankrolls in this event. Daryl Benton was the tenth-place finish, which netted him £3,460 and set the final table.

Any of the nine finalists would have made a worthy champion, including the two Grosvenor Poker sponsored pros. Both Jamie Nixon and Katie Swift took their seats under the spotlight, with Swift hoping to become the first female GUKPT Main Event champion.

Former Irish Open champion Dan Wilson was the first finalist to fall by the wayside. Wilson's ninth-place finish coming with a £4,150 payday.

Michael Wharton joined Wilson on the rail, before Paul Brown and Paul Green had the colour drained from them. They returned home with prizes worth £5,760 and £8,070 respectively.

Jack Hardcastle Takes Down 2021 GUKPT Leeds Main Event

Nixon's Impressive Run Continues

The surviving five players were now guaranteed a five-figure sum for their efforts.

GUKPT Leeds Mini Main Event champion, Jamie Nixon, was the first player to get his hands on such a prize. Tom Laghzaoui opened with king-queen, Swift got her stack all-in with ace-jack, Nixon called all-in with the dominating ace-queen, and Laghzaoui tossed in calling chips to put both Team Grosvenor pros at risk. Swift spiked a jack on the flop, which held, to bust Nixon and to triple her stack. Nixon headed into the night with £10,370 reasons to be happy.

Laghzaoui was the next to bust, doing so at the hands of Mr Anon. The chips went in preflop, Mr Anon holding pocket sixes and Laghzaoui ace-queen. A king-high board, on which Mr Anon picked up an open-ended straight draw, reduced the player count by one. Laghzaoui headed to the cashier's desk to collect £16,130.

Katie Makes a Swift Exit

Swift's impressive run ended in a third-place finish worth £25,350. Swift called one of Ludovic Geilich's many opening raises with queen-ten before check-raising all-in on an eight-ace-ten flop. Geilich had opened with ace-four, and called Swift's shove. Swift picked up a gutshot straight on the turn, but Geilich improved to trips on the river.

Geilich went into heads-up with Mr Anon holding a slight 3,800,000 to 3,200,000 chip lead. The pair fought one-on-one for two hours, with the chip lead exchanging hands several times. However, Mr Anon had the last laugh.

Geilich limp-called off his eight big blinds with king-ten and found himself up against ace-deuce. Geilich had ten outs going to the river, but missed all of them, handing the title to Mr Anon.

This was the last £750 buy-in GUKPT Main Event of 2021. The tour now heads to the poker hotbed that is Luton for a £1,250 buy-in event from October 7, before heading to Blackpool for another £1,250 Main Event from October 28. The season wraps up in London with the £2,000 buy-in Grand Final.

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Jack Hardcastle Takes Down 2021 GUKPT Leeds Main Event Jack Hardcastle Takes Down 2021 GUKPT Leeds Main Event