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FiestaPagana Dominates and Wins Super MILLION$ for $302K


"FiestaPagana" went into the final table of the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ event as the chip leader and went on to secure every chip in play after staying in from throughout proceedings. Being the last player standing in the $10,000 buy-in tournament meant a cool $302,053 made its way to FiestaPagana's account.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

2Benjamin RolleAustria$235,891
3Isaac HaxtonCanada$184,221
4Wiktor MalinowskiMacau$143,869
5Adrian MateosMexico$112,355
7Marius GierseAustria$68,525
9Daniel DvoressCanada$41,793

The final table lost its first player during the 20,000/40,000/5,000a level. Daniel Dvoress, who sat down sixth in chips, min-raised to 80,000 with pocket tens from early position. The action folded to Isaac Haxton in the cutoff, who three-bet his pocket kings to 192,000. Dvoress responded with a four-bet all-in for 871,631 in total, and Haxton tossed in the calling chips. Haxton's hand held, and Dvoress busted.

Dvoress' seat had not gone cold when "houzhumi888" joined him on the rail. houzhumi888 open-shoved from early position for a meager 6.5 big blinds with what turned out to be king-jack of clubs. FiestaPagana called with ace-five of hearts from the small blind, and the five community cards ran ace-high to reduce the player count by one.

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Seventh-place was decided a few hands after houzhumi888 busted. Marius Gierse pushed all-in from the small blind with king-ten for 347,336. Wiktor Malinowski called with jack-ten suited from the big blind, and the Macau-based cash game specialist spiked a jack on the flop to end Gierse's night prematurely.

China's "llyybbww" was the next to fall. Their sixth-place finish yielded an $87,745 score, the last five-figure prize of the evening. llyybbww crashed out during the 30,000/60,000/7,500a level when they moved all-in from the small blind for 230,045 chips with eight-six; Benjamin Rolle snap-called with ace-seven. Rolle improved to an unnecessary pair of sevens on the river to leave only five players in the competition.

Those five became four with the untimely demise of former Super MILLION$ champion Adrian Mateos. Rolle min-raised to 140,000 from under the gun with ace-jack before calling Mateos' 694,090 shove, which he made with ace-ten. Rolle flopped two pair, which held to send the dangerous Mateos to the showers.

Malinowski was the shortest stack going into four-handed play, something he tried and failed to rectify. Malinowski came unstuck during the 35,000/70,000/8,500a level. He open-shoved when first to act in the small blind, doing so with ace-jack. Unfortunately for Malinowski, Rolle woke up in the big blind with pocket kings, and he called the 1,125,651 jam. The five community cards provided little in the way of drama, and Malinowski had to make do with a fourth-place finish.

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Heads-up was set when Haxton bowed out in third place. Haxton lost all but a small blind and an ante when he made a play with nine-five after FiestaPagana had flopped a full house with his jack-eight. Haxton managed to double twice, but his third shove saw him bust. FiestaPagana set Haxton all-in for his last 2.5 big blinds, doing so with pocket kings. Haxton called with jack-ten and was drawing dead by the turn.

Sick Bluff All But Gifts FiestaPagana the Title

FiestaPagana held the chip lead over Rolle but could not quite shake him off. A massive hand handed FiestaPagana a considerable advantage, a hand that shocked the GGPoker commentary team.

Rolle called in the small blind with pocket aces, and FiestaPagana checked his blind with the lowly eight-five offsuit. The flop fell three-queen-five with two hearts, and FiestaPagana check-called a 140,000 bet from Rolle. FiestaPagana checked the jack of diamonds on the turn, opening the door for Rolle to fire a bet worth 645,750 into the 595,000 pot. FiestaPagana called.

The ten of clubs completed the board, and FiestaPagana greeted it with another check. Rolle bet 983,955, and FiestaPagana check-raised all-in. Rolle tanked for more than a minute before releasing the best hand!

That hand left Rolle with just 11.5 big blinds, and FiestaPagana secured the title a few hands later. Rolle crashed out in second place for $235,891, leaving FiestaPagana to scoop the $302,053 top prize and the title of champion.

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