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Jack Hardcastle Signs Off 2020 With a Huge $270K Score

Jack Hardcastle

Jack Hardcastle reeled in the largest score of his career to date on December 29 when he finished fourth in the PokerStars Blowout Series The Big Blowout event. This remarkable result saw Hardcastle walk away with $270,763 after a four-handed deal in the $5 million guaranteed tournament.

PokerStars Blowout Series: $109 NLHE – The Big Blowout! Final Table Results

4Jack “JBHInfinity” HardcastleUnited Kingdom$270,763*
8Andreas “derbegott” PonathGermany$45,436
9gurdleberry2United Kingdom$32,388

*reflects a four-handed deal

Hardcastle has enjoyed a fruitful final month of the year. Victory in the GGPoker $200 Monster Stack banked him a shade under $16,000. He also won one of GGPoker’s Zodiac tournaments for another $9,200 before finishing third in the 888poker $109 Mega Deep for a $10,000 addition to his bankroll.

The best was yet to come in the PokerStars Big Blowout event where Hardcastle finished Day 1 in 11th place with 27 players remaining.

Leonard Bows Out To Quads

Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard ran into quads

Fellow Brit Patrick “pads1161” Leonard started Day 2 with the chip lead but could only muster a 15th place finish. He came unstuck during the 1,000,000/2,000,000/250,000a level when he raised to 4,200,000 from late position, Hardcastle called in the small blind and “pilaa” raised to 16,000,000 from the big blind. Leonard responded with a shove for 85,479,390, Hardcastle ducked out of the way but pilaa called.

It was ace-king for Leonard and pocket queens for his opponent. Those queens improved to quads on the flop to leave Leonard drawing dead.

Hardcastle entered the nine-handed final table fourth in chips and guaranteed at least $32,388. He enjoyed some good fortune to bust “cram66” in sixth-place. Hardcastle raised enough from the small blind to set cram66 all-in for their 12.5 big blinds and cram66 called with ace-ten. Hardcastle showed seven-four of diamonds and flopped a seven to reduce the player count by one.

“gab0120” busted in fifth place for $125,440 and the remaining four players discussed a deal. Those initial discussions fell flat but a second round of talks resulted in a deal being struck, one that left $50,000 for the eventual champion.

Leonardoc01 Sieges Hardcastle

Hardcastle lost a huge pot when “leonardoc01” doubled through him with jacks versus tens. He managed to double up but leonardoc01 cut short any hopes of a comeback.

The action folded to Hardcastle in the small blind and heshipped in his last 10 big blinds with eight-six of spades. Leonardoc01 called with pocket tens and those tens remained true to send Hardcastle home in fourth with $270,764 to show for his fantastic performance.

Hardcastle’s executioner fell in third for $342,876 leaving pilaa and “n3kt” to battle heads-up. Pilaa locked up the title when they shoved with four-three and n3kt called with ace-nine. The former flopped two pair which held to scoop the $381,174 top prize and resign the runner-up to a $260,165 consolation prize.

It is a fantastic way to end what has been an awful year. We’ll see Hardcastle’s name at many more final tables in 2021, of that we’re certain.

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