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PokerNews to Live Report All 20 EPT Online Events at PokerStars

EPT Online

Every year, players around the world look forward to compete in the European Poker Tour (EPT), sponsored by PokerStars.

This year was obviously very different than any other since the poker boom with many casinos temporarily closing their doors with some that reopened not offering poker. This resulted in just one EPT running as scheduled this year in EPT Sochi, which was largely a Russian-only affair due to travel restrictions.

Normally, this time of year, poker players would be getting ready for the annual EPT Prague in December. It should come as no surprise that PokerStars canceled this event with casinos closed around the Czech Republic and travel restrictions in place in most countries.

The good news is that PokerStars adapted to the situation and for the first time will be hosting the EPT Online with the festival boasting 20 action-packed events with more than $20 million in guaranteed prize pools!

Buy-ins for the events range from $215 all the way up to $25,000. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for players to qualify into events cheaply via satellites and in some cases even for free.

Players with more limited bankrolls will be pleased to learn that PokerStars incorporated the Mini EPT Online that features another 20 events with buy-ins as small as $2.20 along with an impressive $3.3 million in guaranteed prize pools.

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No-Limit Hold'em is the primary format for the festival with just three events (two PLO, one 8-game) featuring other poker variants.

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Highlight: $5 Million Guaranteed EPT Online $5,200 Main Event

The highlight of the festival is easily the EPT Online $5,200 Main Event on Nov. 15-18. The tournament features a single opening flight kicking off at 6:05 p.m. GMT.

Players can opt to skip Day 1 if they so choose with late registration open until five minutes before the start of Day 2 on Nov. 16 at 6:10 p.m. GMT. The tournament also allows for two reentries during the late registration period.

The tournament provides for plenty of action not only for those playing but for others watching on the sidelines as we report this event from beginning to end at PokerNews as players start with a monster stack of 250,000 in chips and blinds increasing at a very slow pace with 30-minute levels.

Day 1Nov. 1518:05End of Level 15
Day 2Nov. 1618:10When 72 players are remaining
Day 3Nov. 1718:05When 9 players are remaining
Day 4Nov. 1818:05Down to a winner
Ruslan Bogdanov
Ruslan Bogdanov wins last EPT Main Event in Sochi in October 2020.

Follow the Action of All 20 EPT Online Events at PokerNews

As we already mentioned, PokerNews will be live reporting all 20 events of the inaugural EPT Online at PokerStars.

For all information regarding the 2020 EPT Online, check out the dedicated hub on PokerNews.

EPT Online Schedule

Nov. 818:05EPT Online 01 [Arena Championship]8-Max NLHE$1,050$1,500,000
Nov. 819:05EPT Online 02 [PLO High Roller]6-Max PLO$10,300$500,000
Nov. 820:05EPT Online 03 [High Roller]8-Max NLHE$5,200$500,000
Nov. 918:05EPT Online 049-Max NLHE$530$350,000
Nov. 919:05EPT Online 05 [Win the Button]8-Max NLHE$1,050$200,000
Nov. 1018:05EPT Online 06 [High Roller]8-Max NLHE$10,300$1,000,000
Nov. 1019:05EPT Online 078-Max NLHE PKO$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1118:05EPT Online 088-Max NLHE$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1119:05EPT Online 09 [High Roller]6-Max 8-Game$5,200$250,000
Nov. 1218:05EPT Online 10 [Super High Roller]8-Max NLHE$25,000$2,000,000
Nov. 1219:05EPT Online 11 [Deep Stacks]8-Max NLHE$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1318:05EPT Online 126-Max NLHE PKO$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1319:05EPT Online 13 [High Roller]6-Max NLHE 6+$10,300$400,000
Nov. 1418:05EPT Online 14 [EPT Online Cup]9-Max NLHE$215$500,000
Nov. 1419:05EPT Online 15 [High Roller]6-Max NLHE$10,300$500,000
Nov. 1518:05EPT Online 16 [Main Event]8-Max NLHE$5,200$5,000,000
Nov. 1519:05EPT Online 176-Max PLO$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1520:05EPT Online 188-Max NLHE PKO$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1619:05EPT Online 198-Max NLHE PKO$530$500,000
Nov. 1718:05EPT Online 20 [Last Chance]9-Max NLHE$1,050$500,000

Mini EPT Online Schedule

Nov. 918:05Mini EPT Online 018-Max NLHE$11$150,000
Nov. 919:05Mini EPT Online 02 [Mini PLO High Roller]6-Max PLO$109$125,000
Nov. 920:05Mini EPT Online 03 [Mini High Roller]8-Max NLHE$55$150,000
Nov. 1018:05Mini EPT Online 049-Max NLHE$5.50$75,000
Nov. 1019:05Mini EPT Online 05 [Mini Win the Button]8-Max NLHE$11$50,000
Nov. 1118:05Mini EPT Online 06 [Mini High Roller]8-Max NLHE$109$500,000
Nov. 1119:05Mini EPT Online 078-Max NLHE PKO$22$150,000
Nov. 1218:05Mini EPT Online 088-Max NLHE$22$150,000
Nov. 1219:05Mini EPT Online 09 [Mini High Roller]6-Max 8-Game$55$50,000
Nov. 1318:05Mini EPT Online 10 [Mini Super High Roller]8-Max NLHE$215$400,000

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Nov. 1319:05Mini EPT Online 11 [Mini Deep Stacks]8-Max NLHE$11$75,000
Nov. 1418:05Mini EPT Online 126-Max NLHE PKO$11$175,000
Nov. 1419:05Mini EPT Online 13 [Mini High Roller]6-Max NLHE 6+$109$50,000
Nov. 1518:05Mini EPT Online 14 [Mini Cup]9-Max NLHE$2.20$50,000
Nov. 1519:05Mini EPT Online 15 [Mini High Roller]6-Max NLHE$109$300,000
Nov. 1618:05Mini EPT Online 16 [Mini Main Event]8-Max NLHE$55$500,000
Nov. 1619:05Mini EPT Online 176-Max PLO$22$75,000
Nov. 1620:05Mini EPT Online 188-Max NLHE PKO$11$100,000
Nov. 1718:05Mini EPT Online 19 [Mini Last Chance]9-Max NLHE$11$100,000
Nov. 1719:05Mini EPT Online 208-Max NLHE PKO$5.50$75,000

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