2021 World Series of Poker

Davidi Kitai Wins HRW 18: $10,300 Super MILLION$ Main Event ($726,839)

David Kitai

The GGPoker Super MILLION$ is already massive in its own right. It attracts the world’s best players every week and awards some mouth-watering prizes.

This latest edition of the $10,300 buy-in tournament was part of the High Rollers Week and this made the event huge. A field of 581-players turned out for it and created a $5,810,000 prize pool as a result. What’s more, the top prize weighed in just shy of $730,000.

Davidi Kitai reeled in the mammoth-sized top prize, here’s how he did it.

HRW 18: Super MILLION$ Main Event Final Table Results

1Davidi KitaiPoland$726,839
2Eelis ParssinenFinland$602,066
3Mike WatsonCanada$498,712
5David YanNew Zealand$342,186
6Niklas AstedtCanada$283,445
8Aleks PonakovsLatvia$194,482

Russia’s “iplaytooslow” only lasted a solitary hand at the final table. The action folded to Niklas Astedt in the small blind and he open-shoved with ace-deuce. iplaytooslow called off their 13.5 big blind stack with ace-king only for Astedt to turn a deuce.

Aleks Ponakovs didn’t last too much longer; he also crashed out after a battle of the blinds. Ponakovs shipped in his seven big blind stack from the small blind with ace-six and Eelis Parssinen called with king-jack. Ponakovs paired his ace on the turn but it completed a Broadway straight for Parssinen, leaving Ponakovs drawing dead.

It took another 40-minutes for the next elimination after the initial flurry of exits and it was “JokerFace” who crashed out next. They were down to a shade over four big blinds and thy moved all-in from the button with ace-queen after Astedt opened from the cutoff. Mike Watson woke up in the big blind with ace-king and moved all-in too. Astedt folded his lowly nine-five. Both players caught an ace on the turn but JokerFace couldn’t find a queen. Game over for them, their seventh-place finish resulting in a $234,787 score.

Julian Stuer Bags Two HRW Titles in a Week

Astedt’s Crazy Shove Results in Him Busting

Astedt was the chip leader at the start of six-handed play yet he still finished in sixth place. He inexplicably open-shoved 35 big blinds from the cutoff with pocket sixes and Parssinen called all in on the button with a pair of nines in the hole. Kitai folded ace-king in the big blind and the board ran out jack-high to leave Astedt with 10 big blinds.

Those went into the middle of the virtual felt with pocket sevens, which lost to the ace-queen of Kitai courtesy of a queen on the river.

Start-of-the-day chip leader David Yan was the next player to fall. The action folded to the New Zealander on the button and he shipped in his 13 big blinds with pocket fours. Watson looked him up with ace-king in the big blind and flopped a king before hitting an ace on the river.

Fourth place and $413,101 went to Ukrainian star “Brahman33” who laddered his way up the payouts expertly. Watson min-raised to 1,600,000 on the button before snap-calling the 4,841,664 shove from Brahman33 that he made with pocket sevens. The five community cards contained a king on the flop and Brahman33 was gone.

Watson was now the chip leader and the leader by 10 million chips. Despite that lead, Watson was the third-place finish. He lost a couple of sizeable pot before committing his 14.3 big blinds with pocket sevens from the small blind after Parssinen opened with ace-jack. Parssinen called and caught an ace on the turn to eliminate Watson.

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Heads-Up Reached; Parssinen Leads

Parsinnen held a near three-to-one chip lead at the start of the heads-up battle with Kitai, but Kitai wasn’t settling for second place. Kitai doubled with king-ten versus king-nine before he pushed into the lead.

The final hand took place at the 600,000/1,200,000/150,000a level and saw Kitai limp with ace-eight before calling when Parssinen ripped in 15,583,740 chips with ace-deuce. Kitai’s eight-kicker played and Parssinen’s run was over.

Second place weighed in at $602,066 but Kitai secured the top prize of $726,839.

GGPoker High Rollers Week Winners

EventEntriesPrize PoolWinnerCountryFirst Prize
HRW 01: GGMasters High Rollers $1,050, $1.5M Gtd.1,325$1,500,000"Cantaloupe7"Cyprus$233,814
HRW 02: Super MILLION$ $10,300291$3,000,000Kyle MenardCanada$628,892
HRW 03: $10,300 PLO High Roller124$1,240,000Aku JoentaustaFinland$271,790
HRW 04: NLHE High Roller $5,200143$715,000"Daniel Hindin"Mexico$132,239
HRW 05: NLHE $5251,106$553,000"MyLastHand!"Estonia$90,207
HRW 06: NLHE $1,050500$500,000"Allen Iverson"Mexico$88,838
HRW 07: NLHE $10,300 High Roller130$1,300,000Julian StuerGermany$264,636
HRW 08: NLHE Bounty $2,100354$708,000"UknowWhoIam"Uruguay$92,936
HRW 09: NLHE $2,100317$634,000Jans ArendsAustria$119,392
HRW 10: NLHE High Roller $5,200125$625,000”Beast2018!”Canada$136,991
HRW 11: NLHE Super High Roller $25,000, $2.5M GTD114$2,793,000Sam GreenwoodCanada$548,769
HRW 12: NLHE Deepstack $1,050748$748,000"iStayOn5"Canada$127,365
HRW 13: NLHE Bounty 6-Max $1,050597$600,000"CrazyAce88"Norway$88,535
HRW 14: Short Deck High Roller $10,30034$500,000Isaac HaxtonCanada$213,292
HRW 15: NLHE High Roller $5,200151$755,000Niklas AstedtSweden$156,496
HRW 16: NLHE High Roller 6-Max $10,30093$930,000Julian StuerAustria$220,401
HRW 17: GGMasters High Rollers $1,0501,131$1,131,000Samuel VousdenFinland$183,512
HRW 18: Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300581$5,810,000Davidi KitaiBelgium$726,839
HRW 19: PLO $2,100330$660,000"nanqtf"Croatia$122,971
HRW 20: NLHE Bounty $1,050891$891,000"Fantastik55"Albania$99,022

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