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Weekend Preview: Monster Series Begins, Half Price Sunday, and GGMasters

The Weekend Preview

The weekend is upon us and that means only one thing: it’s time for some massive online poker tournament action. We’re creeping into the penultimate month of 2020 and what better way to welcome in November than by padding your bankroll with a massive score from an online MTT?

This latest edition of the Weekend Preview features some superb tournaments taking place at partypoker, PokerStars, and GGPoker. So, without further ado, let’s show you what you should be playing over the coming weekend.

Monster Series Kicks Off at partypoker on October 31

High buy-in tournaments usually garner the headlines but it is events at the more affordable end of the buy-in scale that are at the forefront of our minds this week.

Monster Series kicks off at partypoker on October 31 with a trio of superb tournaments. Each event is designed to have limited late registration, one re-entry at the most, and a blind structure that wouldn’t look out of place in a tournament costing 10-100 times the price.

A $3.30 and $33 buy-in 8-Max event kicks off the latest edition of the partypoker Monster Series. The cheaper tournament has $15,000 guaranteed with the higher buy-in event featuring a $150,000 guarantee.

Day 1A in these opening events starts at precisely 8:30 p.m. CET on October 31. Play lasts for 18 levels and anyone with a single chip in front of them at this time progresses to Day 2 on November 2.

Day 1B starts at the same time but on November 1.

October 31 also sees a $1.10 ($2,000 guaranteed) and $11 ($20,000 guaranteed) Hyper-Turbo Knockout event take place. Be ready to sit down from 9:30 p.m. CET if you want to play in those.

November 1 at 5:30 p.m. is when the $2.20 and $22 Deepstack events shuffle up and deal. These have guarantees of $3,000 and $30,000 and could well be the best structure low stakes tournaments we’ve seen online.

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Half Price Sunday Returns to PokerStars

It seems it’s the weekend for extra value because not only is the partypoker Monster Series running, but PokerStars is halving the price of six of its most popular Sunday majors.

The Sunday Kickoff, Sunday Warm-Up, Sunday Million, Sunday Storm, Sunday Cooldown, and Sunday Supersonic all retain their usual chunky guarantees, but their buy-ins are half that of the standard price. Now’s the time to dip your toes in the water if you’ve ever considered buying into one of these huge weekly tournaments.

The Sunday Million, in particular, looks incredible value. This week’s Sunday Million is a two-day tournament with $1 million guaranteed to be won. How much does it cost to enter? Only $54.50! What can you buy for $54.50 these days?

DateTime (CET)TournamentBuy-inGuarantee
Sun 1 Nov2:00 p.m.Half Price Sunday Kickoff$54.50$100,000
 5:00 p.m.Half Price Sunday Warm-Up$107.50$200,000
 7:00 p.m.Half Price Sunday Million$54.50$1,000,000
 8:00 p.m.Half Price Sunday Storm$5.50$125,000
 10:00 p.m.Half Price Sunday Cooldown$54.50$250,000
 12:00 a.m.Half Price Sunday Supersonic$107.50$100,000

Get Ready for the PokerStars EPT Online

Standard GGMasters Returns to GGPoker

Great news for the traditionalists among you, the GGPoker GGMasters returns to its usual format this week. The GGMasters is an incredible tournament because it only costs $150 to enter yet features a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool. Oh, and it’s a freezeout event so you’re gone for good if you dust off your 10,000 (200 big blind) starting stack!

Recent GGMasters have been special editions thanks to the various series GGPoker has been involved in. Last week’s was part of the Bounty Hunter Series so was a PKO tournament, but everything is back to normal this week.

Don’t forget cashing in the GGMasters earns you points for the Player of the Year race. The winner of the race wins a GG sponsorship package worth up to $500,000 while those finishing in second through 10th bag a ticket to every GGMasters tournament held during 2021!

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