The Daily Grind: Check out the Saturday Tournament Schedule

Why not add one of these tournaments to your Saturday schedule?

The weekend is finally here, and with it comes a whole lot of exciting poker across the online felt.

The GGPoker WSOP Super Circuit Online Series continues, with the newly expanded PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker having their three Main Events on Sunday. The WPT Online on partypoker, Unibet Poker Online Series and 888poker XL Inferno all have events over this weekend.

888poker XL Inferno Continues

The XL Inferno continues with three 8-Max tournaments, with combined guarantees of over $50,000. Earlier this week Swedish player "MorayEEEEEL" took down the XL Inferno #1: $75,000 Opening Event for $16,585 and you could be the very next champion!

Time (GMT)Time (EDT)Buy-inNameGuarantee
18:0014:00$109Event #7: 8-Max$30,000
18:0014:00$8.80Event #8: Mini 8-Max$10,000
20:0016:00$55Event #9: Late 8-Max$15,000

Another HUGE SCOOP Weekend in store on PokerStars

While the Main Events take place on Sunday, there's still plenty of action in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker today with several PKO and Turbo tournaments taking place.

Time (GMT)Time (EDT)Buy-inNameGuarantee
14:3010:30$1,050SCOOP 69-H NLHE Afternoon Deep Stack$300,000
14:3010:30$11SCOOP 69-L NLHE Afternoon Deep Stack$80,000
14:3010:30$109SCOOP 69-M NLHE Afternoon Deep Stack$200,000
17:0013:00$530SCOOP 70-H NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO$750,000
17:0013:00$6SCOOP 70-L NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO$100,000
17:0013:00$55SCOOP 70-M NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO$500,000
18:1514:15$1,050SCOOP 71-H NLO8 6-Max, Turbo$100,000
18:1514:15$11SCOOP 71-L NLO8 6-Max, Turbo$20,000
18:1514:15$109SCOOP 71-M NLO8 6-Max, Turbo$50,000

Check Out the WPT Online on partypoker

Where to begin?! The WPT Online Weekender comes with a $1m guarantee this weekend on partypoker, with the 6-Max and Mix-Max both coming with two different tiers for players to try out.

There is also yet another flight of the insanely popular $55 buy-in WPTSuper50

Time (GMT)Time (EDT)Buy-inNameGuarantee
18:0014:00$2,1006-Max Weekender Day 1b$1,000,000
18:0014:00$215Mini 6-Max Weekender Day 1b$300,000
19:0015:00$162Mini PLO Hi-Lo$40,000
19:0015:00$1,575PLO Hi-Lo$200,000
20:0016:00$55WPTSuper50 Day 1$1,000,000
21:0017:00$109Mini Mix-Max Turbo$100,000
21:0017:00$1,050Mix-Max Turbo$150,000

Unibet Online Series

Time (GMT)Time (EDT)Buy-inNameGuarantee
18:0014:00€0.50Event #85: UOS Holdem Bounty Nano€400
18:0014:00€10Event #86: UOS Holdem Bounty Low€5,000
18:0014:00€50Event #87: UOS Holdem Bounty High€15,000
19:3015:30€0.25Event #88: UOS Holdem Rebuy Nano€200
19:3015:30€2Event #89: UOS Holdem Rebuy Low€1,500
19:3015:30€25Event #90: UOS Holdem Rebuy High€5,000

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