Luke Schwartz Goes on the Warpath; Challenges Phil Galfond

Luke Schwartz

Love him or loathe him, there’s no denying Luke Schwartz is one of the most colourful characters the game of poker has ever seen.

The man known in online poker circles as “FullFlush” says what he thinks, when he wants to, and says it loud. It’s an attitude that has attracted as many enemies as allies over the years, a real Marmite character if you will.

Last week, Schwartz took to Twitter and fired off a series of tweet that captured the attention of the poker community. Schwartz became his own poker solver and tweeted more than 20 times, poking fun at high profile poker players, building himself up, and even challenging Phil Galfond to a heads-up battle.

Schwartz Calls Out Galfond

Galfond, founder of the Run It Once online poker site, recently issued a heads-up challenge to the poker world. Galfond calls this the “Open PLO Coach Challenge” and has the following facets to it:

  • Must play 50,000 hands
  • 3:1 on a side bet of 10 buy-ins
  • Played at stakes of $100/$200 or higher

He said he would consider dropping to $25/$50 and would consider PLO/NL, PLO/Limit and event straight NL games if it meant the challenge would get underway.

Eleven different challengers stepped up to the plate and the total stands at 16 at the last count. Two matches are confirmed, Bill Perkins and Fernando “JNandez87” Habegger. You can read more about those here.

Maybe the next player to take on Galfond could be Schwartz after this tweet from the Brit.

Galfond didn’t take long to respond and even got his own pigeon reference in there.

Schwartz replied with “Yes let’s do it. Dm me” before another tweet fired off:

Everything has since gone quiet on the Twitter front, perhaps because Schwartz is currently in Nottingham for the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK festival where he played a £100/£200 PLO live-streamed cash game last night where he finished £200,000 to the good.

Hopefully, Galfond versus Schwartz will go ahead for “non-pigeon stakes” as it will be super entertaining. Where would your money be going if you had to bet on this match?

  • A Twitter rant by Luke Schwartz may result in a $1K/$2K heads-up mixed game match against Phil Galfond.

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