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Merit Poker Western to Start the 2020 Series in Cyprus

Merit Western

If you are looking for a sunny place where to start the new year and you are up for an exciting poker holiday, you can almost pack your bags already — because the Merit Poker Series 2020, Western 6 is the event you are looking for.

From January 8 through January 20, 2020, the seafront five-star Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & Casino resort in North Cyprus will host the first event of the Merit Poker Series 2020, Western 6, an exciting festival that brings over $2,500,000 in combined guarantees.

The series features a $2.2K Main Event #1 with $500.000 GTD. prize pool followed by a $5K Main Event #2 that comes with a $1,000,000 guarantee.

The Western 6 event is a 13-day poker festival with more than 39 various tournaments on the schedule.

Besides the two super-sized Main Events, the schedule includes also other promising tournaments like a $5K High Roller with a $250.000 guarantee, a $2.200 Super Bounty $1.000 K.O. with a $100.000 guarantee, and an $800 Merit Cup events carrying a guarantee of $125.000.

Merit Poker Cup

On top of the cash prizes, the Main Events #1 and #2 and the High Roller tournament will give away also three tickets worth $5K each to enter the Winners' Championship, a special $200.000 GTD event to be held in December of 2020.

Apart from the R&A events, all the tournaments are held in the unlimited re-entry format, so there is plenty of time to get back into the action before the registration closes.

Cash games of various stakes will be running non-stop during the festival, meaning that players with different preferences and bankrolls will find games that suit them best.

Merit Poker has been organizing international series of poker tournaments since 2009, attracting hundreds of poker enthusiasts from all around the world with its colourful setup, exciting poker action, free all-inclusive treatment in the poker room, and five-star holidays in one of the best resorts in North Cyprus.

Merit Poker Series 2020, Western 6: Full Schedule

08-Jan-201:00 PM NL Freeroll to Event # 1, R&A $20Free$1,600, (4 Seats)2K+3K+5K
 3:00 PM1NL Turbo Bounty 6-Max ($200 KO)$400+$40$20,00015K
 8:00 PM2NL Satellite to ME #1 Day 1A$250+$25$22.000, (10 Seats)15K
09-Jan-2010:30 AM3NL Turbo Sat. to ME #1 Day 1A$200+$20$6,600, (3 Seats)10K
 12:00 PM4NL Main Event #1, Day 1A$2,000+$200$500,000+3 TCK50K
 5:30 PM5NL Satellite to ME #1 Day 1B$250+$25$11.000, (5 Seats)10K
 9:30 PM6NL Turbo Bounty $300 K.O$600+$60$25,00015K
10-Jan-2010:30 AM7NL Turbo Sat. to ME #1 Day 1B$200+$20$6,600, (3 Seats)10K
 12:00 PM4NL Main Event #1, Day 1B$2,000+$200$500,000+3 TCK50K
 5:00 PM8NL Satellite to ME #1 Day 1C$300+$30$11.000, (5 Seats)10K
 9:00 PM9NL Hyper Turbo Deep Stack$400+$40$20,00020K
 9:30 PM4NL Main Event #1, Day 1C$2000+$200$500,000+3 TCK50K
 10:00 PM10NL Satellite to ME #1 Day 1D Turbo or Day 2$300+$30$11.000, (5 Seats)10K
11-Jan-2010:00 AM4NL Main Event #1, Day 1D Turbo$2000+$200$500,000+3 TCK50K
 1:30 PM4NL Main Event #1, Day 2$2000+$200$500,000+3 TCK50K
 6:00 PM11NL Satellite to HR Day 1$500+$50$15,000, (3 Seats)10K
 9:30 PM12NL Turbo Deep Stack Bounty 300 K.O.$700+$70$30,00020K
12-Jan-2012:00 PM4NL Main Event #1 ,Day 3Closed$500,000+3 TCKClosed
 1:00 PM13NL Holdem 8-Max$600+$60$30.00030K
 4:30 PM14NL Satellite to ME#2 Day 1A$400+$40$15,000, (3 Seats)10K
 9:30 PM15NL Mega Sat. To HR Day 1$700+$70$40,000, (8 Seats)15K
 10:30 AM16NL Turbo Sat. to Super Bounty$200+$20$6.600, (3 Seats)10K
13-Jan-2012:00 PM4NL Main Event #1 Final DayClosed$500,000+3 TCKClosed
 12:00 PM17NL Super Bounty ($1.000 K.O.) Day1$2.000+$200$100,00020K
 4:30 PM18NL Satellite to HR Day 1$300+$30$10,000, (2 Seats)10K
 8:00 PM19NL High Roller Event 8- Max, Day 1$4,700 + $300$250,000+3 TCK100K
 9:00 PM20NL Satellite to ME#2 Day 1A$400+$40$20,000, (4 Seats)12K
 12:00 PM21NL Last Chance Sat. to HR Day 2$300+$30$10,000, (2 Seats)10K
14-Jan-201:00 PM22NL Bounty $500 K.O$1,000+$100$40,00020K
 2:00 PM17NL Super Bounty ($1.000 K.O.) Final DayClosed$100,000Closed
 3:00 PM19NL High Roller Event 8- Max , Day 2$4,700 + $300$250,000+3 TCK100K
 6:00 PM23NL Turbo$300+$30$10,00012K
 9:30 PM24NL Super Sat. to ME#2 Day 1A$600+$60$50,000, (10 Seats)15K
 10:30 AM25NL Turbo Sat. to ME #2 Day 1A$300+$30$10,000, (2 Seats)10K
15-Jan-2012:00 PM26NL Main Event #2, Day 1A$4,700 + $300$1,000,000+3 TCK50K
 1:00 PM19NL High Roller Event 8- Max , Day 3Closed$250,000+3 TCKClosed
 5:30 PM27NL Satellite to ME#2 Day 1B$400+$40$15,000, (3 Seats)10K
 9:30 PM28NL Hyper Turbo Deep Stack$500+$50$20,00020K
16-Jan-2010:30 AM29NL Turbo Sat. to ME #2 Day 1B$300+$30$10,000, (2 Seats)10K
 12:00 PM26NL Main Event #2, Day 1B$4,700 + $300$1,000,000+3 TCK50K
 1:00 PM19NL High Roller Event 8- Max, Final DayClosed$250,000+3 TCKClosed
 5:30 PM30NL Satellite to ME#2 Day 1C$400+$40$15,000, (3 Seats)10K
 9:00 PM31PL Omaha Bounty ($400 KO)$800+$80$20,00020K
 9:30 PM26NL Main Event #2, Day 1C$4,700+ $300$1,000,000+3 TCK50K
 10:00 PM32NL Hyper Turbo Sat. to ME#2 Day 1D Turbo or Day 2$400+$40$15,000, (3 Seats)10K
17-Jan-2010:00 AM26NL Main Event #2, Day 1D Turbo$4,700 + $300$1,000,000+3 TCK50K
 1:30 PM26NL Main Event #2, Day 2$4,700 + $300$1,000,000+3 TCK50K
 5:00 PM33NL Satellite to Mix-Max Day 1$150+$15$5.500, (5 Seats)10K
 9:30 PM34NL Mix-Max-9Max-Day 1$1000+$100$80,00025K
18-Jan-2012:00 PM26NL Main Event #2, Day 3Closed$1,000,000+3 TCKClosed
 3:00 PM35NL Merit Cup, Day 1A$730+$70$125,00030K
 5:00 PM36NL Hyper Sat. to Mix Max Day 2$150+$15$4.400 (4 Seats)10K
 8:30 PM34NL Mix-Max-6Max-Day2$1000+$100$80,00025K
19-Jan-2012:00 PM26NL Main Event #2, Day 4Closed$1,000,000+3 TCKClosed
 1:00 PM37NL Turbo Bounty 100 K.O.$200+$20$7,00010K
 3:00 PM35NL Merit Cup, Day 1B$730+$70$125,00030K
 8:00 PM38NL Turbo Deep Stack$500+$50$15,00017K
20-Jan-2012:00 PM35NL Merit Cup, Day 2-Final$730+$70$125,00030K
 1:00 PM26NL Main Event #2,Final DayClosed$1,000,000+3 TCKClosed
 6:00 PM39NL Turbo Deep Stack Bounty 6-Max ($200 KO)$400+$40$15,00020K

And That's Just the Beginning!

In February 2020, Merit Poker heads to Montenegro, to the beautiful Merit Casino Royal Splendid for the Merit Poker International €777.000 GTD..

The event runs from February 12 through February 19, featuring a €1.370 + €130 Main Event with a €400.000 guaranteed prize pool.

Located in the small town of Bečići in Montenegro, the Splendid Conference & SPA Resort is situated only 2 kilometres from Budva, the pearl of the Adriatic and tourism capital of Montenegro.

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  • Start 2020 in style with a colourful poker adventure in Cyprus!

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