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The Muck: Gagliano vs Vornicu, Kessler vs ODB, and Fantasy League Drama

Michael Gagliano called out Valentin Vornicu for berating a rec player.

The 50th annual World Series of Poker is in full swing, and the Twitter drama is heating up right along with the poker action. We bring you a few of the more exciting - "discussions" we'll call them - from Twitter during week two of the WSOP for this week's Muck edition.

Gagliano vs. Vornicu

Michael Gagliano and Valentin Vornicu played at the same table recently, a table that was made up mostly of non-pros from the sounds of it. After an incident that involved Vornicu voicing some displeasure to another player after a hand, Gagliano took to Twitter to police this kind of "bad play-shaming."

Vornicu did admit some wrongdoing, but fired right back at Gagliano for his own shortcomings.

Perhaps a friendly grudge match will come out of this once the dust settles, but don't count on it.

Kessler Complains About Structures (Shocker)

It's now common knowledge that David "ODB" Baker had a big part in the WSOP making some structure changes to $10k limit events. Most players have overwhelming appreciated these changes, which have included a 20 percent stack increase and longer levels later in the tournament when big money and pay jumps are on the line. However, some $10k events going to four days of play ruffled some feathers, and Kessler was quick to point the finger.

ODB defended himself, with some proof to go with it.

But sometimes you just gotta bury the hatchet and move on... ODB showed some sportsmanship, wishing Kessler luck in the $1,500 Eight Game event he was running deep in, where he eventually finished in fifth place.

They also seem to disagree on the latest structure changes, affecting $1,500 and $3k limit events. Once again, players are celebrating the shift to more meaningful play early on and more play deeper in the event, though Kessler doesn't seem to be on board - yet.

Late Addition $50k Event Impacts WSOP Fantasy Leagues

The recent addition of a $50k Final Fifty High Roller to the 2019 WSOP schedule threw a wrench in fantasy leagues that are designed for the World Series of Poker. In these leagues, the $25k Fantasy run by Daniel Negreanu and the $2.5k Fantasy league run by ODB, teams draft players based on the WSOP schedule as it is laid out before the series kicks off.

Immediately, players involved began to debate whether or not the added $50k and Negreanu proposed to appoint an arbitration committee of three to hear arguments on either side and make a final ruling.

They have their work cut out for them, as the community seems divided on the issue - exactly divided, in fact, according to the poll Negreanu put out.

The final decision is expected soon, and ODB's fantasy league will follow the same ruling that is decided for the $25k league. Stick around on to learn about the arguments for both sides, and that ruling when it is determined.

Keep up with all the drama and the live updates from the 2019 World Series of Poker right here at PokerNews. The Muck, WSOP edition is brought to you by Global Poker.

  • In this edition of the The Muck: Table etiquette, structures, and $25k Fantasy drama on Week Two @WSOP. Brought to you by @official_glp

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