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Off the Felt: Funniest Tweets from Poker Twitter & Sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro

Off the Felt: Funniest Tweets from PokerTwitter & Sight Seeing in Rio de Janeiro

In the latest edition of Off the Felt, we looked at Sam Trickett and Dan Smith in Japan, while Steven van Zadelhoff celebrated his 40th birthday being in the best shape of his life. This week, we got you the funniest tweets from Poker Twitter and players who are sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro in their time off the felt.

Funniest Tweets

Mike Gorodinsky started to make portraits from poker players on Twitter and we have to say: he nailed it.

Jamie Kerstetter with a great suggestion for the Bravo app:

Many people dream of becoming a poker pro, but for this guy, that dream didn't turn out quite as planned:

Some advice from Garrett Adelstein:

Yes, we all know what Lexi Sterner is talking about:

And again:

You can always count on Erik Seidel to keep a good perspective on things:

Well, that's one way to make a read:

Ryan Fee looks forward to poker summer camp:

When you better look for a new place to stay:

Sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro

Some players are visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the partypoker MILLIONS South America but they are not only playing poker. A few of them decided to do some sightseeing in this beautiful city:

And Hellmuth is gonna Hellmuth. Here's his entrance into the event:

Other Updates

  • Mike Gorodinsky has taken up drawing and many players post photos from Rio de Janeiro.

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