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The Muck: Phil Hellmuth Takes on the Pros in Tennis Prop Bet

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth is notorious for a lot of things, being brass at the poker table being the biggest one. But he's also known to be confident in his own abilities. The 15-time WSOP bracelet winner is not one to back down to prop bets challenging his athletic prowess either, as we saw in this epic drunken basketball prop bet instigated by Doug Polk.

This time around, “rank amateur” tennis player Hellmuth put his money where his mouth was with a tennis bet. He shared the terms of the bet on Twitter:

Hellmuth's Tennis Bet Terms

Hellmuth put up his $2,000 to win $16,000 that he would score a point on a tennis pro with 20 chances to do so. There was another $7,000 in it for Hellmuth at even money just to return one of the serves. The catch was, the serves could not exceed 80 MPH.

And the news spread.

Hellmuth, always full of confidence, believed himself to be a “big favorite,” while his own crew bet against him. In fact, he wasn’t getting a ton of encouragement that he would win the bet:

Point Poker Brat

The video documentation was released by Hellmuth this week on his Twitter account. The series of five short videos showed Hellmuth connecting with many of the serves without much trouble, and eventually, returning one that landed well out in front of the tennis pro, who didn't get to it fast enough to put it back on Hellmuth's court.

Point Hellmuth.

While the "poker brat" turned "tennis brat" rejoiced at his tennis skill and "luck," some questioned the odds, believing the stipulation of the serve speed and the use of a clay court made Hellmuth a massive favorite. Either way, you can bet Hellmuth laughed all the way to the bank.

  • WATCH: @phil_hellmuth got 8-1 odds on scoring a point in 20 attempts vs a tennis pro serving at 80 MPH.

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