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Yiannis Liperis Triumphant at GUKPT Blackpool, Wins £84K

Yiannis Liperis

Yiannis Liperis has supported the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) for several seasons but despite coming close on several occasions, never managed to become a champion in a GUKPT Main Event. That fact changed on the early hours of Nov. 12 when he was crowned the 2018 GUKPT Blackpool champion.

Liperis finished fourth in the 2017 GUKPT Walsall Main Event, second in the 2015 GUKPT Luton Main Event and more recently was the runner-up in the 2018 GUKPT Luton Main Event. This impressive victory in Blackpool secured Liperis £84,250, which is his largest live score and takes his lifetime winnings to almost $1.2 million.

2018 GUKPT Blackpool Final Table Results

1Yiannis Liperis£84,250
2Ning Lu£55,950
3Fred Maher£34,350
4James Mitchell£21,850
5Jack Oliver£14,900
6Liam Hooks£10,950
7Andrw Garland£8,500
8Barry Grime£7,000
9Chris Gatley£5,800

A crowd of 304 players took to the felt in the seaside town of Blackpool to ensure the £200,000 guarantee was smashed by £104,000. The massive prize pool was split between the top 30 players with the money bubble bursting on Day 2.

Only 98 returned for Day 2, including Alli Mallu, a legend in UK poker circles. Mallu found himself all-in for 118,000 chips at the 2,500/5,000/500a level holding ace-three offsuit against the pair of red nines in the hand of James Mitchell. Mallu was left drawing extremely thin when Mitchell flopped a set and was drawing dead on the turn. All the surviving players were now in the money as Mallu busted in 31st place.

The likes of Albert Sapiano, David Gee, Grosvenor-sponsored pro Jeff Kimber, Andreas Olympios and Mitch Johnson all busted inside the money, the latter being the final elimination on Day 2 to leave 13 players in the hunt for the title.

Those 13 players returned to the fray at midday on Nov. 11 and the final bubble was set within the first 90-minutes of play, thanks in part to another Grosvenor-sponsored pro, Andy Hills, busting in 12th place.

Three Hour Final Table Bubble!

Any hopes of reaching the official nine-handed table quickly were dashed when the final table bubble refused to burst for three hours. It eventually popped, much to the delight of the remaining players, when Alex Tuz’s 450,000 chips shove with pocket sevens was called by Liperis holding pocket tens and the board ran out queen high.

The blinds at the final table started at 12,000/24,000/3,000a. Chris Gatley opened to 50,000 with king-queen, Liperis responded with a three-bet to 135,000 with pocket queens and Gatley jammed all-in for a shade under 600,000. Liperis called, his queens held, and the final table lost its first player.

Gatley’s seat hadn’t even gone cold when Barry Grime busted in eighth-place. Grime lost a massive coinflop against Ning Lu before committing the rest of his short stack with ace-seven. Jack Oliver looked him up with pocket sixes, which held, to reduce the player count by one.

Andrew Garland was the next player to lose their stack and was the final player not to bank a five-figure score for their efforts. Garland committed his final 250,000 chips with queen-ten on an 8-8-Q flop only to discover Lu was laying in wait with the dominating king-queen. The turn and river were both aces and Garland headed for the cashier’s desk.

Almost two hours passed before Liam Hooks saw his stack disappear in sixth-place. Lu opened to 85,000 with king-nine of hearts and Hooks called in the big bind with the lowly ten-deuce of hearts. The flop fell queen-high with two hearts and Hooks checked. Lu bet 90,000 and then called when Hooks check-raised all-in for 350,000. Neither player caught their flush, so Hooks was gone.

The final five became four when Oliver moved all-in for his 12 big blind stack with what turned out to be pocket nines. Liperis, who was the chip leader, called with ace-jack of clubs. Liperis took the lead on the ace-high flop before improving to an unnecessary full house by the river.

Fourth-place was decided a short while later when Mitchell’s queen-jack proved to be no match for the dominating ace-jack, and heads-up was set when Fred Maher busted when his pocket eights were beaten by king-queen.

Liperis held a 3,500,000 to 2,500,000 lead over Lu going into the heads-up battle, but Lu clawed his way back level before taking the lead for himself.

A key hand saw Liperis double-up with pocket deuces against jack-ten to take a three-to-one lead. It was all over soon after when Lu was all-in with ace-queen and Liperis called with pocket tens. Liperis’ pocket pair turned into a set on the flop and it held, despite giving Lu a gutshot straight draw, to see Liperis finally win a GUKPT Main Event.

£400,000 Guaranteed GUKPT Grand Final

Next up for the 2018 GUKPT is the Grand Final held at The Poker Room formerly The Vic in London from Nov. 18-25. Among the events is the £400,000 guaranteed Main Event costing £2,150 to enter. Win GUKPT seats online at Grosvenor Poker where you can grab a 200 percent up to £700 welcome bonus when you download Grosvenor Poker via UK & Ireland PokerNews.

  • Yiannis Liperis won the 2018 GUKPT Blackpool Main Event and banked a cool £84,250.

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