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UK & Ireland Sunday Briefing: Charlie Combes With a Big Score

Charlie Combes
  • Charlie Combes took down a PKO event at PokerStars for more than $57,000 on Oct. 7.

Poker players from the UK and Ireland enjoyed some excellent tournament results on Oct. 7 although there were few, if any, who enjoyed themselves more than Charlie Combes.

Playing at PokerStars under the alias “JIZOINT”, Combes topped a field of 5,388 runners in the Bounty Builder Series 01: $109 NLHE 6-Max. It was a result that netted Combes a combined $57,193 when bounty payments were taken into account.

Combes and his fiancée Nicola have recently become parents to twins. This $57,193 score will fund a whole lot of nappies!

Another Englishman helping themselves to a big score was Andy “andyh26” Holman who was the runner-up in the $215 Sunday Supersonic. Holman fell at the final hurdle in the hyper-turbo structured event to get his hands on $17,586. UK-based German Manig “swordfish007” Loeser busted in fifth-place for $6,751.

Holman then went on to win the $109 Bounty Builder for $22,770 to cap of a superb day.

Some of the other notable scores from PokerStars on Oct. 7 included:

  • “Bananmats” – third-place in the Bounty Builder Series 05: $55 NLHE 8-Max for $24,315
  • “0409479” – seventh-place in the Bounty Builder Series 04: $2,100 NLHE 8-Max for $17,914
  • Ben “KingDugdale” Dugdale – third-place in the $22 Mini Sunday Million for $17,010
  • Javier “minusth3bear” Zarco – second-place in the Bigger $109 for $15,571
  • “com 157” – second-place in the Bigger $215 for $13,379
  • “puggie06” – second-place in the $22 Double Deuce for $13,632
  • Jonathan “Proudflop” Proudfoot – seventh-place in the Bounty Builder Series 03: $530 NLHE High Roller for $13,990*
  • “bolsoon” – fifth-place in the Bounty Builder Series 05: $55 NLHE 8-Max for $12,733
  • “nowyousaidit” – second-place in the Hotter $22 for $7,895
  • “que_tr_crio” – sixth-place in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $6,429
  • “B.A.D-Onn” – seventh-place in the Bounty Builder Series 05: $55 NLHE 8-Max for $6,026
  • “Widzywidzy^^” – seventh-place in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $4,622
  • Tomas “luckymo32” Geleziunas – first-place in the $109 Sunday Wrap-Up for $4,300
  • Richard “ChipsFool” Hoadley – eighth-place in the $215 Bounty Builder for $2,986*
  • Peter “Se7enTr3y” Akery – ninth-place in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $2,389
  • “jamiefen” – third-place in the Bigger $109 for $2,300
  • “BetForNympho” – ninth-place in the Bigger $215 for $1,418

Over at partypoker, “HarryRoss” bagged $13,309 plus $3,849 worth of bounties in the $109 Sunday Big Bounty Hunter, their reward for finishing second and being part of a heads-up deal, while Patrick “dotcotton1939” Brooks netted himself $2,450 plus $2,456 worth of bounties by finishing fifth in the $215 Sunday Bounty Hunter.

Lastly, for partypoker at least, a mention of Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot’s third-place finish in the $530 Sunday Bounty Hunter High Roller that saw him collect $4,590 plus $2,657 worth of bounties.

Now to 888poker where Charlie “chazcombes” Combes followed up his impressive victory at PokerStars with a fifth-place finish in the $60,000 Whale worth $4,650 and where two British players reached the final table of the $30,000 Sunday Challenge.

“1MillionEUR” finished in third-place for $3,683 with “radasahk” busting in seventh-place for $1,141.

Shout-outs also to “wisimaki” and “summuNNN” who finished third and fourth in the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep for scores of $11,000 and $8,000 respectively.

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