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Mykhailo Gutyi Wins the 2018 WSOPE €1,100 Turbo Bounty Hunter for €61,299

Mykhailo Gutyi - Winner of Event #4: €1,100 Turbo Bounty Hunter

After thirteen hours in the beautiful King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Ukraine’s Mykhailo Gutyi won the coveted gold WSOPE bracelet and the first-place prize of €61,299 for beating 386 other entries in Event #4: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Bounty Hunter.

This is the sixth bracelet for Ukraine, Gutyi, joins the illustrious list of Ukranian bracelet winners which already includes Oleksii Kovalchuk, Eugene Katchalov, Igor Dubinsky, and Oleksandr Shcherbak. This is also Gutyi’s biggest live cash ever, he was overjoyed to have won the bracelet, as did his rail. He finished in 2nd place earlier this month in the WSOP Circuit Bounty Hunter tournament, he came 17th in the Circuit Main Event and min-cashed the COLOSSUS. Gutyi mentioned he would now also play the WSOPE Main Event later this month.

The more notable names that joined Gutyi on the final table included Philipp Zukernik, Vangelis Kaimakamis, Angelos Pettas, and Darko Stojanovic.

WSOPE €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Bounty Hunter Final Table Results

PositionPlayerCountryPrize in €Prize in $
1Mykhailo GutyiUkraine€61,299$70,627
2Florian SarnowGermany€37,678$43,412
3Vangelis KaimakamisGreece€25,468$29,342
4Angelos PettasGreece€17,565$20,237
5Darko StojanovicFrance€12,367$14,248
6Kale HalsteadAustralia€8,891$10,243
7Philipp ZukernikCzech Republic€6,531$7,524
8Andrey IvlevRussia€4,904$5,650
9Luca MarchettiItaly€3,765$4,337
2018 WSOPE Turbo Bounty Hunter Final Table
2018 WSOPE Turbo Bounty Hunter Final Table

WSOPE €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Bounty Hunter Recap

At 5 PM local time, the tournament started with almost 100 players in their seats. The defending champion, Martin Kabrhel sat down from the start and, as always, could be heard from almost every corner of the biggest poker arena in Europe. Also sitting down in the first level was Asi Moshe who had won his second bracelet only a few hours before. Kabrhel was off to a good start by eliminating Daniele Ruocco with a turned straight against Ruocco's flopped trip eights.

By the time the tenth level had started, last year’s numbers had been surpassed when the total number of entries hit 328 players. With reentries being possible for the first twelve levels, players were busting and reentering all the time. Upon closing of registration, 387 entries were registred, making for a prize pool of €255,226.

Players who bit the dust without cashing included Romain Lewis, Anson Tsang, Carlo Savinelli, Michael Soyza, Narcis-Gabriel Nedelcu, Shaun Deeb, Chris Ferguson, David Urban, and many others.

Piotr Wiecek managed to find a double on the bubble with pocket jacks against the ace-king of Thomas Hofmann but Manig Loeser wasn’t that lucky with his pocket jacks when he ran those into the ace-queen of Vangelis Kaimakamis. Kaimakamis flopped a queen and no help came on the turn or river for Loeser as he became the bubble boy.

The bust-outs then started coming in fast and furiously, players like Renato Kaneoya, Jakob Miegel, Fahredin Mustafov, Rex Clinkscales, Jessica Pilkington, and Jeff Madsen.

Kabrhel lost most of his stack when he doubled Dutch Boyd. Boyd held ace-jack and Kabhrel was trying to get his bounty with pocket tens. Boyd flopped two pair and improved to a full house on the turn to double up. In the end, Florian Sarnow was the one to collect Kabrhel’s bounty in a three-way all-in situation. Sarnow held pocket jacks, Kabrhel ten-seven, and Aaron Duczak had ace-king. The jack on the flop sealed the deal for Sarnow to get a full double-up paid by Duczak and eliminate Kabrhel.

Martin Kabrhel
Defending Champion- Martin Kabrhel

With three tables left, the bust-outs didn’t slow down at all. Casey Kastle lost all his chips when he ran pocket kings into the pocket tens of Jonas Kilian who rivered a straight. Duczak’s jacks couldn’t win against the ace-seven of Andrey Ivlev. Boyd lost a bunch of his chips when he doubled Wiecek up who ended up flopping a set of nines. Maria Lampropulos then dealt Dutch Boyd the final blow with jack-nine while Boyd held ace-jack. The nine on the flop meant Boyd’s bounty went into her pocket. Cord Garcia was eliminated when his shove was called by Sarnow who held pocket nines and flopped quads.

The turbo format was very noticeable when the final two tables were reached. In under an hour, the tournament was down to ten players. Jarnardhan bubbled the official final table when he ran his ace-king into the aces of Kaimakamis.

Some breathing space came for the players at the final table as three double-ups came for the shortest stacks. In the end it was Luca Marchetti who had to say goodnight first when he ran his ten-nine into Sarnow’s queens.

Ivlev was getting shorter and shorter and ended up shoving his last two big blinds with eight-deuce and was called by Kaimakamis with ten-nine. Kaimakamis then doubled up through Philipp Zukernik with pocket queens against Zukerniks pocket jacks. Zukernik shoved his last two and a half big blinds with queen-four into the ace-king of Gutyi.

Kale Halstead had been pretty quiet up till that point but finally shoved with pocket fives. Gutyi held queen-nine and made a straight flush to take Halstead out of the running in sixth place.

Stojanovic was another victim of Kaimakamis when his three-bet shove was called by Kaimakamis with pocket eights. Stojanovic held four-trey and didn’t get any help of the board. Angelos Pettas fell to Gutyi, his ace-four failed to beat Gutyi’s pocket fives, even after he did flop a pair of fours. Then it was the turn of Kaimakamis to find his way back to the hotel. Kaimakamis ran his king-ten into the king-queen of Gutyi and when the queen fell on the turn, Kaimakamis was drawing dead.

Florian Sarnow
Florian Sarnow

Sarnow managed to find a double at first with ace-four against Gutyi’s nine-five but when he turned trip tens, Gutyi had flopped a flush already. The river didn’t pair the board for him and Sarnow was eliminated in second place. Sarnow registered late after having reached the final table of Event #3: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed as the short stack but will be happy with this result and another shot at the coveted WSOPE bracelet in less than nine hours..

The fastest WSOPE bracelet tournament on the calendar is in the books, but there's a lot more poker left to play. Make sure to return to PokerNews WSOPE Live Reporting throughout the WSOPE as we keep a close eye on the action.

  • After 13 hours in King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Ukraine’s Mykhailo Gutyi won the coveted gold WSOPE bracelet.

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