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XL Eclipse Day 4: Swedish Regular "Cuadrado12" Wins The $100,000 Tune Up

XL Eclipse Day 4: Swedish Regular "Cuadrado12" Wins The $100,000 Tune Up

On the fourth day of the 888poker XL Eclipse Series, five new tournaments were on the schedule. Most of the attention went out to the $100,000 Tune Up, where some great prizes were paid out to the players. Let's take a look who was crowned as a winner in this event and the results of the other events that played out on Sunday.

XL Eclipse #10 - $100,000 Tune Up

Buy-inDatePlayersPrize pool
$160Sep. 16782$117,300

There were a total of 782 entries made in XL Eclipse #10 - $100,000 Tune Up, with the tournament running just under 12 hours. After everything was finished, it was "cuadrado12" taking down the tournament for a cool $22,170.

"cuadrado12" bested a talented online player in NoMamesWeyyy after just around one level of play. "NoMamesWeyyy" found himself on the bad end of a cooler — running kings into aces — but taking home a respectable $16,246 for his efforts.

When late registration had ended, the tournament had a total of 72 players that would make the money and take home a min-cash of $387. It was just before the 20th level of play that "chicco988" would find himself all in with ace-six against "ZDamian"'s pair of ladies. The board did not run out in "chicco988"'s favour as he was dubbed the bubble boy of the tournament, being eliminated in 73rd place.

The tournament picked up rather quickly after the bubble popped and it was just over three hours later when the final nine was set to play. "_Antikk_" went into the final table as the short stack and failed to pick up any traction, headed out in ninth when he ran into aces.

"P0KERPR02.0" moved all in from the button with snowmen and found a caller in "NoMamesWeyyy" from the big blind with ace-ten. An ace would land on the turn and P0KERPR02.0 would fail to catch up, being the second elimination from the final table.

""uR4iseM3Up" ran into cuadrado12 in a blind on blind position, failing to hit anything, being eliminated in seventh and putting cuadrado12 second in chips. The sixth-place finisher was "Cavalier23C", finding himself all in with king-queen during a three-handed pot. "cuadradro12" took down the whole pot with his pocket tens, eliminating "Cavalier23C" from the tournament and taking the chip lead.

Shortly after "AkH0lic" doubled up cuadrado12 just a couple of hands prior, he would be on the winning side of a hand against "Korpisoturi2". "AkH0lic" called the all in of Korpisoturi2 and would be behind with his ace-queen to their ace-king. The flop came down as a reliever for "AkH0lic" as the queen was in the window. The board failed to hit "Korpisoturi2" and they were eliminated in fifth place.

"AUTISPOSTI" moved all in from the small blind with the dead man's hand and shortly after figured out the hand got its name, being eliminated by "NoMamesWeyyy"'s big slick in fourth place. "AkH0li" fought it out for over a level before getting all in with king-queen against "cuadrado12"'s ace-ten, drawing very slim after the ace high flop came down. The board would run out dry for "cuadrado12", eliminating "AkH0lic" from the tournament in 3rd.

The final table was full of excitement, action and some bad beats. The winner of the event was no rookie to the scene, having over 3 million in cashes and better known as "machiavelli3". He used his experience and well-timed aggression to take down the final table, adding another great cash to his already immense resume.


XL Eclipse #09 - $100,000 Mega Deep

Buy-inDatePlayersPrize pool
$215Sep. 16562$112,400

Well known Russian grinder "CalmRevolver" took down the $100,000 guaranteed Mega Deep event, beating 562 other hopefuls to take down the first-place prize of over $20,000. Heads-up, he beat "buitre180", who got the second place which netted him or her a massive $16,017. "DeuceofDuc0" had to do with third place, worth $12,083.


XL Eclipse #11 - $50,000 Mini Tune Up

Buy-inDatePlayersPrize pool
$12Sep. 163,614$50,000


XL Eclipse #12 - $15,000 Micro Tune Up

Buy-inDatePlayersPrize pool
$5.50Sep. 162,662$15,000

For those who thought $160 for the regular Tune Up was a little too much, 888 had the Mini Tune Up in store, asking just $12 to enter. A massive turnout of 2,662 players resulted in a sizable prize pool worth $15,000. The win would go to Albania as "thejoker841" won the heads up battle after beating "RodRod2112" in the final heads up. The Albanian received $2,370 while the runner-up settled for $1,779.

7KINGDAZUnited Kingdom$423

XL Eclipse #13 - $25,000 Late Tune Up

Buy-inDatePlayersPrize pool
$55Sep. 16503$25,150

Besides the regular Tune Up and the Mini edition of the same event, a late version was on offer as well. For those still willing to play late at night, the $55 buy-in event was the perfect destination.

503 players registered the event, making for a prize pool of over $25,000. "NeverLuckyyy" from Germany took home the biggest prize, winning $4,826 after beating Belarusian player "HATE007" heads up.


2018 XL Eclipse Schedule

DateTime (GMT)EventBuy-in
Mon., Sept. 176:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #14 - $30,000 R&A Event$55
 6:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #15 - $15,000 Mini R&A$5
Tues., Sept. 186:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #16 - $200,000 High Roller$2,600
 6:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #17 - $100,000 Mini High Roller$215
 8:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #18 - $30,000 Late High Roller$160
Wed., Sept. 196:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #19 - $50,000 8-Max$109
 6:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #20 - $15,000 Mini 8-Max$12
 8:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #21 - $15,000 Late 8-Max$30
Thurs., Sept. 206:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #22 - $50,000 Quarterback$215
 6:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #23 - $25,000 Mini Quarterback$44
 8:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #24 - $20,000 Late Quarterback$109
Fri., Sept. 216:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #25 - $25,000 Knockout$150
 6:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #26 - $15,000 Mini Knockout$35
 8:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #27 - $15,000 Late Knockout$75
Sat., Sept. 226:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #28 - $30,000 6-Max$160
 6:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #29 - $20,000 Mini 6-Max$30
 8:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #30 - $15,000 Late 6-Max$55
Sun., Sept. 234:30 p.m.XL Eclipse #31 - $100,000 Mega Deep$215
 6:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #32 - $1,000,000 Main Event$1,050
 6:00 p.m.XL Eclipse #33 - $150,000 Mini Main$160
 6:30 p.m.XL Eclipse #34 - $50,000 Micro Main$30

Bonus Offerings

Players can participate in free qualifiers or earn XL Eclipse entries through a number of satellites, which start at just $0.01. Free Eclipse Main Event qualifiers are running daily at 9 p.m. GMT with the top three players winning $1,050 seats, while 30 $12 seats into the Eclipse Mini Tune Up are awarded in free qualifiers that begin at 5 p.m. GMT daily.

Not only that, but 888poker is offering bonuses to players who can make their way to the winner’s circle on more than one occasion, and for those who can consistently run deep during the series. Bonuses for multiple wins are available as follows:

Events WonBonus Prize Money

In addition, players who manage to reach three or more final tables will earn a $600 tournament ticket. For those who consistently make the money and cash in eight or more events, a $215 tournament ticket will be awaiting them.

  • XL Eclipse Day 4: "Cuadrado12" Wins The $100,000 Tune Up for $22,170 @888poker

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