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UK & Ireland Sunday Briefing: Jake Cody Wins the Hotter $109

Jake Cody

Team PokerStars Pro Jake “jakecody” Cody took down a Sunday Major on Sep 24 when he outlasted 1,115 opponents in the Hotter $109.

Cody came out on top in the $75,000 guaranteed tournament to turn his $109 into $18,108, defeating “Nelisschuif7” heads-up for the title. We’re wondering if Cody went to the Stars Casino and put all of his winnings on black like he did at Dusk Till Dawn earlier in the year!

The popular Brit’s score wasn’t the largest enjoyed by players from the UK & Ireland at PokerStars this weekend. That honour went to “david owie” who navigated his way to the final table of the $215 Sunday Million before crashing out in third-place for an $81,153 addition to his bankroll.

Some of the other notable cashes at PokerStars by players calling the UK & Ireland home include:

  • “LintyontheLash” – third-place in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for $23,174*
  • “pjsoprano88” – first-place in the $44 Bounty Builder for $20,297*
  • “bartowskiFR” – fifth-place in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for $15,119*
  • “Black Panfer” – fourth-place in the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $10,209
  • “girafganger7” – fifth-place in the Sunday 500 for $8,430
  • “Tagult” – third-place in the $530 Omania High Roller for $7,855
  • Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford – fifth-place in the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $7,240
  • Juan “que_te_crio” Alonso – fifth-place in the Bigger $109 for $6,493
  • Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos – sixth-place in the Sunday 500 for $6,270
  • “Roxie Hart” – fifth-place in the Hotter $215 for $5,086
  • “CraigThomson” – fifth-place in the $44 Bounty Builder for $4,328*
  • “cwirek1982” – eighth-place in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $3,887
  • Charlie “Ephiphany77” Carrel – third-place in the $215 NLO8 Sunday Supersonic for $3,857
  • Steve “Mr. Tim Caum” O’Dwyer – eighth-place in the Bigger $215 for $2,223
  • “MaxiMoleJ7” – fifth-place in the $109 Sunday Starter for $1,531
  • “hazharry93” – fifth-place in the $109 Omania for $1,289

Over to 888poker now where “wisimaki” netted a cool $42,500 by finishing sixth in the $1,000,000 guaranteed XL Eclipse Main Event and where “Ciffy_Byro” turned $215 into $5,250 by taking down the $15,000 Turbo Mega Deep.

Shout-out also to Sam “JstLikeThat” Dearman who was the eighth-place finisher in the $100,000 Mega Deep, a result worth $2,940 and to “CirsteaR” who was the runner-up in the $25,000 Sunday Challenge for a $3,875 addition to their bankroll.

Across to partypoker where Patrick “dotcotton1939” Brooks continued his impressive run of form with a $20,841 score in the POWERFEST #140-H: $150K Gtd. Brooks finished second from 835 entrants to bag yet another five-figure score.

The player known as “Kashmir_uzi” banked $8,179 by finishing eighth in the POWERFEST #143-HR: $500K Gtd Championship Event, while Patrick “Patrick_Leonard” Leonard final table bubbled the POWERFEST #146-HR: $200K Gtd Fast Mix-Max PKO for $2,556 plus $3,675 worth of bounties.

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  • Jake Cody took down the Hotter $109 on Sep. 23 and walked away with $18,108.

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