Off the Felt: Selfies and More Selfies

Off the Felt
  • It’s going to be a great summer, just ask @GusHansen.

Brace yourselves, because we have a huge amount of selfies going on.

Patrik Antonius is hanging out with Gus Hansen, Liv Boeree is having a great time with her new friend: an alpaca, and Ryan 'Toosick' Tosoc is celebrating his brand new bracelet.

So, without further ado, let's see what our poker pros shared on Instagram this week.

Patrik's beard is awesome.

They definitely look alike, right?

This video, lol.

Yes, it's gonna be a great summer.

New bae?

Great selfie, yes.

OK, this one too.

Can we talk about this entrance?


These two rock!

Looking cute!

And Bruna looks stunning.


Loving the ouftit.

Bruno, that hand.

What a life.

Those views!

That looks cool af.

Johnnie looking casual.

Lex is feeling emo.

Celebrating his brand new bracelet?

And Randy celebrated his birthday!

Go David!

The Mizrachi’s are here.

Look who Danielle is with.

What do you think?

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