Turn Pocket Change into Big Prizes in the PokerStars Common Cents Festival

Common Cents
  • Is PokerStars really running a $100,000 guaranteed tournament with a $0.01 buy-in? You bet it is!

PokerStars is giving its players the chance to turn their pocket change into big prizes between Jun. 24 and Jul. 1 in the Common Cents tournament festival.

Twenty-three Common Cents tournaments are scheduled with buy-ins starting at only $0.01 and increasing to a still affordable $0.99. What’s incredible about the Common Cents festival is the guarantees on the events range from $2,500 up to $100,000 despite the tiny buy-ins.

The opening event of the Common Cents festival is quite ridiculous. It shuffles up and deals at 8:05 p.m. CET and has a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. They buy-in? A single cent! Yes, a $0.01 buy-in tournament with $100,000 on the line!

When PokerStars last ran a similar tournament, back in Oct. 2015, some 253,692 participants took to the felt and a Guinness World Record was set for the largest online poker tournament. Austria’s Simon "DaDumon" Grabenschweiger was the tournament’s champion, turning their $0.01 investment into a cool $10,000.

Common Cents Festival Schedule

DateTime (CET)TournamentGuarantee
Sun 24 Jun8:05 p.m.Common Cents 01: $0.01 NLHE [Kickoff], $100K Gtd$100,000
 10:05 p.m.Common Cents 02: $0.22 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $5K Gtd$5,000
Mon 25 Jun5:05 p.m.Common Cents 03: $0.33 PLO [3-Stack], $2.5K Gtd$2,500
 8:05 p.mCommon Cents 04: $0.99 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Win the Button], $10K Gtd$10,000
 10:05 p.m.Common Cents 05: $0.44 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $5K Gtd$5,000
Tue 26 Jun5:05 p.m.Common Cents 06: $0.55+R NLHE [Bubble Rush], $10K Gtd$10,000
 8:05 p.m.Common Cents 07: $0.99 NLHE, $10K Gtd$10,000
 10:05 p.m.Common Cents 08: $0.66 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO], $5K Gtd$5,000
Wed 27 Jun5:05 p.m.Common Cents 09: $0.77 NLHE [6-Max,75% Progressive KO], $10K Gtd$10,000
 8:05 p.mCommon Cents 10: $0.88 NLHE [8-Max], $10K Gtd$10,000
 10:05 p.m.Common Cents 11: $0.11 NLHE [Turbo, Single Rebuy], $2K Gtd$2,000
Thu 28 Jun5:05 p.m.Common Cents 12: $0.11+R NLO8 [Hyper-Active], $1K Gtd$1,000
 8:05 p.m.Common Cents 13: $0.99 NLHE [Progressive KO], $10K Gtd$10,000
 10:05 p.m.Common Cents 14: $0.22 NLHE [Heads-Up, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive Total KO], $2.5K Gtd$2,500
Fri 29 Jun5:05 p.m.Common Cents 15: $0.33 NLHE [3-Max, Hyper-Turbo,3-Stack, Win the Button], $3K Gtd$3,000
 8:05 p.m.Common Cents 16: $0.22+R NLHE [8-Max], $10K Gtd$10,000
 10:05 p.m.Common Cents 17: $0.55 5-Card PLO [Turbo, Progressive KO], $2.5K Gtd$2,500
Sat 30 Jun5:05 p.m.Common Cents 18: $0.66 NLHE [6-Max], $10K Gtd$10,000
 8:05 p.m.Common Cents 19: $0.99 NLHE [Knockout], $10K Gtd$10,000
 10:05 p.m.Common Cents 20: $0.77 NLHE [7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Zoom, Progressive Total KO], $10K Gtd$10,000
Sun 1 Jul5:05 p.m.Common Cents 21: $0.88 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO], $15K Gtd$15,000
 8:05 p.m.Common Cents 22: $0.99 NLHE [Main Event], $25K Gtd$25,000
 10:05 p.m.Common Cents 23: $0.11 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $2.5K Gtd$2,500

The Common Cents Main Event kicks off at 8:05 p.m. CET on Jul. 1, costs $0.99 to enter, and has a $25,000 guarantee.

PokerStars is also giving players the chance to win a $30,000 Platinum Pass to the PokerStars Players Championship. Al that is required to be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize is to opt-into the promotion and then play at least four Common Cents events.

Once these steps are complete, you’ll gain access to an All-in Shootout on Jul. 2 at 7:47 p.m. CET where the winner bags themselves a $30,000 Platinum Pass, which includes the $25,500 buy-in for the PokerStars Players Championship plus $5,000 worth of travel and accommodation expenses to The Bahamas.

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