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Must Follow Poker Twitter and Instagram Accounts for WSOP

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Ok, let's be honest. The World Series of Poker is probably one of the greatest times of the year. Thank goodness for Twitter because where would poker be without it — it'll still be going strong but just a lot less fun. Twitter: Where you go for drama. Instagram: Where you go to see the glam lifestyles of a pro poker player.

There's so much content to consume that we've put together a must-follow list of the people to add to your following to make the 2018 WSOP that much better. Follow this bunch and you'll feel like you're right in the action.

Active Past WSOP Main Event Champions

PlayerTwitter HandlePlayerTwitter Handle
Scott Blumstein@SBlum2711Joe McKeehen@dude904
Martin Jacobson@Martin_JacobsonRyan Riess@RyanRiess1
Greg Merson@GregMersonJonathan Duhamel@JonathanDuhamel
Phil Hellmuth@phil_hellmuthJoe Hachem@JosephHachem
Greg Raymer@FossilManChris Moneymaker@CMoneymaker
Scotty Nguyen@TheScottyNguyenDoyle Brunson@TexDolly

WSOP Staff and Related Accounts

NameTwitter Handle NameTwitter Handle
Jack Effel@WSOPTD Seth Palansky@SethPalansky
Kevin Mathers@KevMath WSOP Czar@WSOPCzar
Jack Effel
WSOP Tournament Director Jack "@WSOPTD" Effel

Players to Watch

PlayerTwitter HandlePlayerTwitter Handle
Jonathan Tamayo@driverseatiEddie Blumenthal@firespin171
Aaron Johnson@AyeGeeJayShirley Rosario@shirleyrosario
Nick Pupillo@NickPupillo54  


PlayerTwitter HandlePlayerTwitter Handle
Andrew Neeme@andrewneemeJohnnie Moreno@JohnnieVibes
Fernando Habegger@JNandezPokerTim Watts@TheTrooper97
Jaime Staples@jaimestaplesJeff Gross@JeffGrossPoker
Brad Owen@TheBradOwenJeff Boski@ICuRaRook
Ryan Laplante@ProtentialmnMatt Berkey@berkey11
Christian Soto@ChristianSoto08Jordan Young@Jymaster11
Jake Cody@JakeCodyChristy B@JustChristyB
Jesse Capps@jessejcappsDaniel Negreanu@realkidpoker

Don't forget Nick Schulman. He recently joined the Twitter world in February of this year so we'll be looking forward to seeing what he has to post during WSOP and some of the bigger mixed-game events.

One more to add is Maria Konnikova, who recently stopped progress on her book to pursue poker a little further. This should be her first full WSOP schedule and after one year and a few promising results, we're interested to see how she performs.

PokerNews Team

PokerNews is once again onboard this summer bringing you live updates for all 2018 WSOP events. We have a big team of live reporters, editorial staff, video staff, social media experts, and a team of the world's best poker photographers.

NameTwitter Handle NameTwitter Handle
Official PokerNews Feed@PokerNews PokerNews Live Reporting@PokerNews_Live
Christian Zetzsche@zedmaster84 Pamela Maldonado@pamelam35
Adam Lamers@adam_lamers12 Mickey Doft@mrdoft
Sarah Herring@AuntyChardonnay Shirley Ang@poolshir
Anthony Charter@AnTh0nyWTF Sam Cosby@MrCleverFox
Will Shillibier@Shillibier Mo Nuwwarah@monuwwarah
Jan Kores@jankores Simkha Blank@Simkha
Tim Kelliher@TKbluffs Christian Zetzsche@zedmaster84
Sasha Salinger@sashasalinger Aaron McBride@AMcBrideSJ
Sandra Barbour@SandBarbour Gaelle Jaudon@GaelleJaudon
Tim Duckworth@tRaMSt0p Frank Op de Woerd@webjoker
Valerie Cross@vcrosspoker Yori Epskamp@KaleGozer
Andrew Pieper@bikeking_19 Sean Chaffin@PokerTraditions
[Removed:139]@jeffplatt Danielle Benham@HotAusChick

WSOP Photography Team

NameTwitter Handle NameTwitter Handle
Joe Giron@JoeGironPhoto Danny Maxwell@MannyDaxwell
Antonio Abrego@r3medies Jamie Thompson@jtPHOTOjunkie
Jayne Furman@JayneFurman Melissa Haereiti@Timeweaverphoto

Poker Pro Twitter List

Honestly, this list could be never ending. Instead, keep an eye on the Twitter List we made. It'll be updated constantly as the series progresses.

Poker Pro Instagram Accounts

In the meantime, here are some noteworthy Instagram accounts to follow. Patrik and Gus may be playing few to none WSOP events, but hopefully they will at least be in Vegas for the cash games.

NameInstagram HandleNameInstagram Handle
Gus HansentherealgushansenPatrik Antoniuspatrik_antonius_official
Leo Margetsleo_margets Bryan Picciolivacuumbooogie
Niall Farrellfiraldo87Kelly Minkinthe_lllest
Vivi Salibavivi.salibaFelipe Ramosfelipemojave
Anatoly Filatovnl_profitLiv Boereeliv_boeree
Haslet HousehaslethousepokerMaria Homaria_ho
Danielle AndersendmoongirlSam Abernathysamabernathyy
Steven van ZadelhoffsvzffSofia Lovgrensofialvn
Joey IngrampapigtoPhilipp Gruissemtherealphilbort
Kristy Arnettkristy.arnettDaniel Negreanudnegspoker
  • These are the social media accounts you'll want to be following this WSOP.

Name Surname
Pamela Maldonado

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