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James Ablott: Following in Sam Trickett's Footsteps

James Ablott
  • James Ablott's story mirrors that of Sam Trickett. Now he's hoping for Trickett-like success at the PokerStars Players Championship.

James Ablott may be a relative unknown in the poker world, but he is hoping that is all set to change at the start of 2019 thanks to him securing a $30,000 Platinum Pass for the PokerStars Players Championship.

Ablott may not have had the time to take playing poker seriously had it not been for him suffering a serious knee injury that ended both his football career and cost him his job as a gym instructor. The 29-year-old ruptured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and doctors told Ablott that his knee would never been the same again. It is a story that is not too dissimilar to partypoker ambassador Sam Trickett’s.

A big Derby County fan, Ablott began delivering parcels to make a living and had to endure a second operation on his badly damaged knee. The surgery took place in Oct. 2014 and Ablott began taking poker seriously as a way to feed his competitive urges now that he could not get involved in football or sports to a serious level.

Ablott's First Four-Figure Score

A £4,500 score followed almost exactly a year later thanks to Ablott finishing 30th in the partypoker WPT500 UK and a staking deal from BRS followed suit. Ablott has enjoyed several other four-figure scores, including one for £6,250 that he was awarded for finishing fifth in a DTD 200 tournament at Dusk Till Dawn in Apr. 2017.

Two five-figure cashes have come Ablott’s way in more recent times. A 119th place finish in the partypoker MILLIONS Germany Main Event, the one that Viktor Blom won, secured Ablott a €10,300 cash and less than a month later, in Mar. 2018, Ablott topped a field of 317 entries in the Genting Poker Series Luton Main Event and walked away with a career-best score of £14,940 after a six-handed deal. It was this victory that saw Ablott win a $30,000 Platinum Pass.

Ablott puts his recent success down to being staked by Paul Jackson’s BRS. The deal has allowed him to play poker full time since Dec. 2016 and although he does have to give a percentage of his winnings back to the site, the money he gets to keep is his to spend as he wishes as he doesn’t have to worry so much about building and maintaining a bankroll.

Heading to the Bahamas

Now Ablott is preparing to head to the Bahamas in Jan. 2019 to play in a $25,000 buy-in High Roller with a $10 million guaranteed prize pool that has $1 million added to first-place. Although he is still undecided as to whether or not he’ll invest in some one-on-one coaching with some of poker’s elite pros. He has stated he will be working on his online game as he believes online regulars are much better at poker than live regulars he comes up against.

The now-pro’s future looks bright and his story is one mirroring the aforementioned Trickett who suffered a career-ending injury, worked as a plumber for a time before discovering poker, being staked by BRS and then becoming a global superstar. If Ablott can achieve even a fraction of what Trickett has so far in his career, he and BRS will be able to consider Ablott’s serious knee injury as the pro’s first bit of poker run good.

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