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Pedro Cairat Wins partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Finale

Pedro Cairat
  • Argentinian player Pedro Cairat to took home €195,000 winning the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final €1,100 Finale event.

A massive 1,136 entries were collected in total for the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Finale. Pedro Cairat was the one to lift the trophy in the end, banking the first-place prize of €195,000 after beating Grzegorz Grochulski heads-up.

As the Finale was the last one to play down to a winner, Cairat had some loyal friends who were there all day to support him from the start of the day until he went to the cashier to pick up his cash. The 29-year old poker professional hails from Argentina but has made Barcelona home. It took him four bullets in total to make it this far, but in the end, it was all worth it. This is his second highest cash ever, with the first a bit more than six months ago in the same tournament room.

Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrizePrize in $
1Pedro CairatArgentina€195,000$240,634
2Grzegorz GrochulskiPoland€120,000$148,082
3Uri ReichensteinGermany€80,000$98,722
4Asi MosheIsrael€52,110$64,305
5Jari-Pekke JuholaFinland€35,000$43,191
6Said El YousfiSwitzerland€25,000$30,851
7Mark PedersenDenmark€18,000$22,212
8Arie BerrebiFrance213,000$16,042
Final Table
The Final Table

Action of the final day

With 214 players returning after having survived one of the four starting flights over the past two days, and only 143 players making it into the money, the action was fast and furious from the start. partypoker Sponsored pro Richard Dubini, unfortunately, didn’t make it past the first two levels of the day. Uri Reichenstein burst the bubble when he eliminated Michal Rudnik with kings against eights just when the first break of the day had started.

When the players returned from their break, they were pleasantly surprised to find out that the bubble had burst and hand-for-hand play was over. From then onwards, the bust-outs kept coming in.

Arie Berrebi eliminated the Day 1b chip leader Muhammad Fahd Ali when the latter ran his jacks into Berrebi’s aces. One of the more remarkable hands of the day was played between David Urban and Manuel O’Shea. O’Shea and Asi Moshe had both called a raise of Urban. On an ace-deuce-deuce flop, only O’Shea called Urban's bet. A five came on the turn, and Urban now check-called a bet from O’Shea. The four on the river made Urban check again. O’Shea put in a bet, but when Urban shoved, O’Shea grabbed his bet and put it back with his own stack. When he tried to figure out how much extra he would have to pay, he seemed to think that his original bet was already added to the pot instead of him having grabbed it back. This caused some discussion, but in the end, it all seemed to be resolved, and he folded.

Cairat took the chip lead earlier on the day when he eliminated both Bruno Launais and Alessandro Borsa when they both shoved into him on a queen-nine-seven flop. The full house that Cairat hit on the turn was the start of his good run. Mike Leah busted in seventeenth place when he flopped a pair of fives but Berrebi had him beat with the flopped two pair. Gilse Olsen left the felt when he ran ace-king into the queen-jack of Robert Heidorn who managed to flop a straight immediately. Quickly after that, Antonio Merone was eliminated when he ran his last three blinds into the ace-eight of Said El Yousfi with six-five. Day 1c chip leader Ben Farrell was forced to leave the tables when he ran his ace-six into the pocket fives of Berrebi.

In thirteenth place was Robert Schiffbauer who held pocket jacks when he shoved into the ace-king of El Yousfi. Heidorn was next in line. His king-trey couldn’t beat the ace-trey of Cairat who managed to hit trip aces in the end. Sanchez Diaz was taken down after that by Grochulski. The pocket jacks weren’t much luckier for Diaz as Grochulski held ace-ten and hit an ace on the flop. Mauricio Sanchez finished in tenth place with king-ten against the ace-seven of Grochulski.

The unofficial final table was reached just when Pascal Lefrancois won the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona €10,300 Main Event for €1,700,000. The redraw took place while Lefrancois’ rail was jumping around to celebrate the win. The table got moved into the lobby as the tournament room had to be broken down. The final table bubble ended up being Francisco Oliveira when he ran queen-jack into the ace-jack of Reichenstein. Oliveira also final table bubbled the Warm Up earlier this week.

After the final table pictures were taken, Arie Berrebi was sent home in eighth place as he ran pocket eights into the ace-king of Reichenstein with the ace waiting till the river to show up. Next to go was Mark Pedersen who shoved ace-seven into the king-jack of Moshe. The king on the turn meant it was time for Pedersen to look where that payout desk was.

Said El Yousfi finished his run about twenty minutes later when he ran ace-four into the ace-queen of Reichenstein. Jari-Pekka Juhola followed when he called Cairat’s shove with pocket aces. Cairat held pocket sevens and hit a runner-runner straight to take Juhola out of the tournament.

Only a few minutes later, it was Asi Moshe’s turn to find the rail when he ran his king-ten into the ace-queen of Reichenstein.

Reichenstein and Cairat had been responsible for a lot of eliminations over the day, and it was no surprise that they kept clashing. First Reichenstein doubled Cairat up as the latter rivered two pair. Uri Reichenstein then lost his remaining chips when he ran his king-ten into Cairat’s pocket aces.

During heads-up play, Cairat first doubled Grochulski up but won all of it back when he hit a full house. In the final hand, Grzegorz Grochulski limp-shoved from the button. Cairat time banked and called with ace-six. Grochulski held pocket treys, and an ace hit the flop. Grochulski got no further help from the board.

It took Cairat and his rail a few seconds to realize what had happened, but when they did, they jumped into each other’s arms. Pure joy could be read from all of their faces.

Pedro Cairat and friends
Pedro Cairat and friends

With the final recap of this festival, the PokerNews live reporting team want to thank you all for following our updates. The next event will take place in the Playground Poker Club in Montreal for the first event of Season 2 of the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Tour. So as usual, keep following us!

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