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Andrew “Statto” Hulme wins the 2018 GUKPT London Main Event

Andrew Hulme

Andrew “Statto1” Hulme secured his largest live poker tournament cash last weekend when he won the 2018 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) London Main Event for £112,400.

2018 GUKPT London Main Event Final Table Results

1Andrew Hulme£112,400
2Dean Swift£73,600
3Guy Taylor£48,700
4Victor Ilyukhin£29,200
5Andrew Garland£22,100
6Kuljinder Sidhu£18,200
7Dragos Trofimov£14,300
8Les Kearney£10,400
9Sebastien Jung£7,800

Some 433 players bought in for £1,110 and created a £433,000 prize pool. This princely sum was distributed among the top 40 finishers so nobody wanted to finish in 41st place and burst the bubble. Someone had to burst the bubble, however, and that someone was Anthony Andreou who found his queen-ten up against the pocket queens of Michael Darbeaud and despite flopping a ten, still crashed out with the unwanted title of bubble boy.

The likes of Matas Cimbolas, Dahe Liu, Mitch Johnson, Will Kassouf, Waheed “Wadey” Ashraf, Rob Boon fell inside the money places. By the time the nine-handed final table was set, the least anyone could win was £7,800.

This is the sum Sebatien Jung walked away with after his 15 big blind shove with pocket eights was called by Victor Ilyukhin with ace-queen and a queen on the flop was enough to send Jung to the rail.

Les Kearney then fell in eighth place. Kearney, a serial satellite qualifier on the GUKPT, pushed his nine big blinds into the middle with ace-deuce and Kuljinder Sidhu called with the dominating ace-king. Sidhu’s king-kicker played and the tournament lost another player.

France’s Dragos Trofimov bust in seventh-place for £14,300. Trofimov recently won the PokerStars Festival London High Roller for a career-best £73,990 and was hopeful of banking the £112,400 on offer in this event, but he found himself down to 10 big blinds, made a move with king-five and Hulme looked him up with ace-seven and won.

Hulme then sent the dangerous Sidhu to the rail. Sidhu moved all-in for around 15 big blinds with ace-nine and ran straight into the pocket kings of Hulme. The door card was a nine, but Sidhu couldn’t find any other outs and his tournament ended in sixth-place.

Blinds increased to 30,000/60,000/5,000a and Dean Swift committed his 1,400,000 stack with ace-five of diamonds and Andrew Garland called off his 1,300,000 stack with ace-queen. Swift took the lead with a five on the flop and improved to a full house on the turn. Garland exited in fifth-place with a bad beat story to tell his friends.

Next to crash out was Ilyukhin whose king-nine couldn’t get there against the ace-nine of Guy Taylor before Taylor himself exited stage left when his king-six never hit any outs to come from behind to beat Hulme’s king-queen.

Hulme took a 5,400,000 to 3,245,000 lead into the heads-up battle with Dean Swift and it only took five hands to press home his advantage fully. All the chips went into the middle with the flop reading {q-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{5-Hearts}, Swift holding {q-Spades}{8-Hearts} and Hulme {k-Clubs}{k-Spades}. The turn was the {3-Hearts} and this was followed onto the felt by the {j-Clubs} to send Swift home in second place and crowning Hulme as the first champion of the 2018 GUKPT.

The GUKPT next heads to Manchester in late February for another £1,110 buy-in £200,000 guaranteed Main Event.

  • Andrew Hulme won the 2018 GUKPT London Main Event and walked away with £112,400.

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