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The Muck: Selbst v. Shak, Shaun v. Sean & a Heartwarming Make-Up Meme

Dan Shak and Vanessa Selbst, The Muck

The Muck's life is dependent on a spicy Twitter feed. Contradictory opinions, outrageous prop bets, sensational videos and of course, the good old squabble are things that make the Muck what it is.

With the collective poker feed being taken over by crypto talk, we've been wondering if we'd ever get poker's version of the "real-life housewives" back.

It's exciting to say that it looks like we're on the verge of returning to the glory days. The last two weeks have given us a few crumbs to work with and we're running with it.

Vanessa Selbst vs. Dan Shak

If you've been living under a rock and missed the 50 or so articles talking about Vanessa Selbst's retirement, you should know, she retired at the beginning of the year.

Imagine the surprise, when a few short weeks later she tweeted:

Needless to say, she took a lot of flack for that whole "first tournament playing as a rec" comment. One such shot came from Dan Shak.

And in true diplomatic fashion, often found only on Twitter, Selbst responded.

And on they went.

There is plenty more back and forth between Selbst and Shak. Add in a little Darryl Fish and others, and you'll find a weekend-long debate about pretty much nothing.

But the best response of all to Vanessa's initial tweet about playing as a recreational player came from Lisa Limerick.

@plenopads vs. @Protentialmn

If you blinked, you probably missed this little tiff that began with an unfriending and ended with a make-up meme.

What happens when you question a coach, their qualifications to coach, and their rates? You get blocked.

The Muck: Selbst v. Shak, Shaun v. Sean & a Heartwarming Make-Up Meme 101

And what happens when you search deep in your soul and find those long lost communication skills? You make up.

And then there's this.

That tweet right there made this whole article worth writing.

Shaun vs. Sean

It started with a tweet from Justin Bonomo:

"Richard Seymour sits down at my table. Obv Sean Perry instantly says something obnoxious Richard: How old are you?…"

And that's all the fuel that was needed for liftoff.

And the tit for tat continued a while longer. And unfortunately (or fortunately) for us, there doesn't appear to be a makeup meme coming anytime soon.

But Wait ... There's More

There were more interesting tweetfests including Joe Ingram vs. Daniel Negreanu, Mike Matusow vs. Donald Trump, and Doug Polk vs. Crypto Scammers.

The last few weeks have provided poker fans everywhere with a taste of poker Twitter in its heyday. Call us a little selfish, but we can only hope it is back for good and that more makeup memes make their way into our feed.

  • Grab a bucket of popcorn folks, for #pokertwitter is back in full squabble.

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