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The Best Clipped Videos from Twitch Poker in 2017

The Best Clipped Videos from Twitch Poker in 2017 0001

Twitch + Poker = probably one of the greatest things to have ever happened to the game. So many pros stream their tournaments and cash games all with the same agenda: to educate and entertain. And yes, there is plenty of entertainment. You have Jason Somerville, Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot, Let Veldhuis, Poker Night in America. You name it, there's a stream for it.

We look back at a great year and laugh (or cringe) at some of the most viewed clipped streams from 2017.

Angle Shot?

It’s no surprise that this is one of the most viewed clips of the year. Patrick Leonard was accused of angle shooting during the PokerStars Championship Barcelona Main Event and the Twitter world blew up.

Leonard later addressed the accusation and cleared the air.

Blitz Banned

You don’t get to see Dan Bilzerian play poker too often but when you do, you also get to see him get axed from a site.

Dan Bilzerian was known for streaming from Bill Perkins’ account while live on air. America’s Cardroom finally stepped in and disabled the account in the middle of a Twitch live stream. Naturally, a few indecent words were shouted.

The Pain Train

It’s always great to watch Lex Veldhuis. He has one of the most entertaining streams because he is outspoken and rambunctious. We’ve seen him fall off chairs, leave pocket aces be because he had to use the bathroom and cuss, a lot.

So he actually handled this beat pretty well.

Polk Gets Backdoored

Apparently you can just walk into Doug Polk’s house. Polk was definitely in shock but thankfully it wasn’t anyone scary. Just the mailman.


WARNING: Lower your volume. You’ll have to forgive the sound quality of this, but this is still priceless, a true gem from the year.

Martin Misclicks

So brutal! Yet he handled that like a champ.

"You Just Pre-Celebrated!"

Lesson we can all learn from 2017: Never. Never. Ever. Early celebrate.

The Perfect Opportunity

Slowroll? I mean you HAVE TO! You win the year, Tonkaaaa

Then there's some that weren't the most viewed but certainly should have been. These are some of the notables, courtesy of the Twitch Poker on Twitter.

Dancing = winning!

The swings of poker. Yay! Damn! Yes!

Bad beats are a universal language.

And finally, the pain! May your New Year be pain free.

Like this guy's ;)

  • These are the best of the best moments of Twitch Poker in 2017.

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