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Leung Cheung Becomes the GUKPT Leeds Champion

Leung Cheung

The 2017 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour descended on Leeds, West Yorkshire over the weekend for its latest £100,000 guaranteed Main Event and it was won by local player Leung Cheung for £37,900 after a heads-up deal.

2017 GUKPT Leeds Final Table Results

1Leung Cheung£37,900*
2Renee Xie£33,000
3Ken Lockey£17,400
4David Gee£11,050
5John Bousfield£7,550
6James Yeo£5,550
7Chris Paweson£4,300
8Mo Bee£3,550
9Andy Hills£2,950

Some 308 players packed into the recently refurbished Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate across two starting flights. The casino was badly damaged by the Boxing Day floods of 2015 and underwent a £3 million makeover almost 12 months later. Of those 308 entrants, only 30 walked away with prize money for their efforts, a min-cash being worth £1,100.

The money bubble burst late on Day 2 when Peter Wigglesworth moved all-in for 10 big blinds with ace-queen of spades and Renee Xie called with a pair of kings. Xie flopped set but the board also contained two spades. Both the turn and river were aces, improving Wigglesworth to trip aces but Xie’s hand was now a full house.

Eight players would bust in the money before the close of play, including Alli Mallu, Yiannis Liperis and Andrew Christoforou.

Twenty-two players returned to the fray on Day 3, each guaranteed £1,250. Grosvenor Poker sponsored pro Jeff Kimber fell in 21st place early into the final day’s proceedings, while such luminaries as Guy Taylor, Adam Forsyth and trash-talker extraordinaire Will Kassouf were eliminated later in the day, the latter bursting the final table bubble with a 10th place finish.

2017 GUKPT Leeds Final Table

1Andy Hills248,500
2Chris Pawson764,000
3Renee Xie1,885,000
4John Bousfield864,500
5Ken Lockey328,000
6Leung Cheung375,000
7James Yeo222,500
8Mo Bee457,000
9David Gee1,016,000

Andy Hills, who is enjoying a stellar year and who won GUKPT Manchester in March, was the first player to bust from the final table. Hills was all-in for around 17.5 big blinds with ace-king and in a coinflip against the queens of David Gee. A nine-high board was no help to Hills and he bowed out in ninth place.

Shortly after Hills’ exit, Mo Bee was caught trying to buff Xie when she held the best starting hand in hold’em, which rarely ends well. Bee opened and then four-bet shoved for 20 big blinds in total with six-four only to see Xie snap-call with red aces. Xie flopped a set and although Bee improved to two pair by the river, his tournament was over.

Seventh place went to Chris Pawson who qualified for this event online at Grosvenor Poker for only £4. Pawson’s deep run netted him £4,300, which is some return on investment.

James Yeo then bust at the hands of Cheung to exit in sixth place before John Bousfield was eliminated. Bousfield lost the majority of his stack when his black queen went up against the suited ace-queen of Ken Lockey. Lockey paired his ace on the flop and although both players picked up a gutshot straight draw on the turn for a chop, Bousfield could not find any of his outs on the river.

Xie then continued her run of picking up premium pairs in all-in situations when Gee pushed his 20 big blind stack into the middle with ace-eight and Xie woke up with pocket kings in the small blind. A jack-high board left Xie’s hand the best and the tournament was reduced to three players.

Those three became two shortly after Gee’s demise. At the 25,000/50,000/5,000a level, Lockey managed to get his 1,000,000 stack into the middle of the felt in a great spot as his pocket kings were well ahead of Cheung’s pair of fours. That was until a four appeared on the flop and when neither the turn or river was a king, it was game over for Lockey.

Cheung held a 3,600,000 to 2,400,000 chip lead over Xie, who has been exiled by sections of the United Kingdom poker community for a dispute over a staking deal. Shortly before heads-up began, the duo agreed a deal that saw Xie guaranteed £33,000, Cheung £35,000 and the eventual winner claiming the trophy and an additional £2,900.

The heads-up battle was being won by Cheung who continued to pick up more than his fair share of small pots to increase his stack past the 5,000,000 mark. Shortly before midnight, Xie committed her 12.5 big blind stack with jack-ten and was called by Cheung who turned over ace-nine of diamonds. Cheung paired his nine on the king-high flop and the three of diamonds on the turn gave Cheung a flush draw to go with his pair. The river was the jack of diamonds, improving Xie to a pair but Cheung to a flush, busting the latter in second place and concluding the 2017 GUKPT Leeds Main Event.

It was a great weekend for Cheung who not only won the Main Event but also finished second and third in two side events for almost £4,000 combined.

The tour now moves south to Luton between Oct. 8-15 where the buy-in doubles to £1,100 and the guarantee swells to £200,000. You can qualify for the GUKPT Luton Main Event online at Grosvenor Poker for a fraction of the £1,100 cost. Downoad Grosvenor Poker via UK & Ireland PokerNews and you’ll enjoy a 200 percent up to £700 first deposit bonus.

  • Cheung Leung outlasted a field of 308 to win the 2017 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Leeds Main Event.

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