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The Muck: Ingram Accepts a Perkins Prop Bet, Glantz Calls Out Karim

The Muck: Ingram Accepts a Perkins Prop Bet, Glantz Calls Out Karim 0001

It's been ten days since the poker world welcomed its new world champion, marking the end of another summer in Sin City. And while those in the U.S. wake up to tweets about the latest policy changes and firings courtesy of the White House, the poker world heads to Twitter to weigh in on its own drama, prop bets and polls.

Matt Glantz Airing Some Dirty Laundry

Twitter storms seem to be all the rage these days, and one erupted when Matt Glantz called out fellow poker pro Zo Karim for running a Ponzi scheme.

After scouring Twitter and this thread on 2+2, it looks as though Karim oversold his World Series of Poker Main Event package, proceeded to cash in said Main Event for $40,000, and was unable to pay his investors.

Most everyone who buys or sells tournament knows, or at least should know, that overselling is a big no-no. It means that Karim allegedly sold action to investors totaling more than the $10,000 buy-in. How much more, we don't know. Regardless, Karim would have made money off his investors if he didn't cash.

In fact, it is strong motivation not to cash and, even more importantly, not go deep in a tournament, because the player would end up having to pay back more money than he made.

This Tweetstorm has been going on for about 24 hours. Karim has offered to go on Joey Ingram's podcast to explain himself. On a positive note, he does seem to be acknowledging what has transpired and vows to make it right.

We'll be looking forward to that bump.

Joey "Phelps" Ingram

Joey Ingram

If you follow Joey Ingram on Twitter, you might have noticed a name change. That's right, folks, Joey Phelps is on the block.

Bill Perkins joined Ingram's Poker Life Podcast on Monday night, and about 1:56:00 into the show Perkins began thinking up a bet after learning Ingram couldn't swim.

Ingram has been receiving advice from followers since the bet was finalized. Most think Ingram is a lock to win, and some are even offering swimming advice. But you don't have to go too far to find the funny.

For those concerned about Ingram's well-being in this bet, Perkins offered a comforting promise: "We'll make it so you're not going to die."

The Dan O'Brien Health Challenge

Dan O'Brien is encouraging his followers to get healthy starting August 1 with three simple things.

O'Brien adds, "Rather than focus on things you can't have, make some simple choices to nourish your body and do your best from there." He's even offering support.

Of course, any time people are involved, something relatively simple becomes complicated.

Just three simple things, people. Otherwise, do what you want. O'Brien isn't the health police or your mother. Three. Simple. Things.

And leave it Daniel Negreanu for the last word on the subject.

Poker Masters Polls

Speaking of Negreanu, he has been running some polls over the last week to help generate excitement for the five-event Poker Masters series kicking off in September.

He has asked his Twitter followers to pick one of four players most likely to win the purple jacket.

You can't have a poker poll without including Negreanu. But is this fair? Negreanu won his "flight" with 50% of the votes against Erik Seidel (23%), Phil Hellmuth (14%), and Antonio Esfandiari (13%).

Other winners from the polls were Ike Haxton, Dan Colman, Brian Rast, Koray Aldemir, and Dan Shak.

The big question: what is really being measured here? Cate Hall has a theory.

Bloopers. WSOP. What's not to love?

And because we can never seem to get enough WSOP, we'll leave you with a Sarah Herring blooper reel from this summer.

Sex, size, and tatas. How can you resist? "That's what she said." Literally.

  • The Muck looks at a prop bet between Bill Perkins and Joey Ingram and more!

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