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PokerStars Releases Schedule for World Championship of Online Poker

2017 WCOOP

PokerStars has released the official schedule for the 2017 World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP) with the festival set to run Sept. 3 through 26. This year's series will feature a bumper 81 tournaments, including a $5,200 Main Event with a $10 million guarantee.

The 81-event schedule includes a wide variety of tournaments as one would expect from the WCOOP. The biggest change players will notice is the addition of a Low stakes tier, with buy-ins at around 1/20th of the High level. The Low series will replace the mini-WCOOP, and features more than $11 million in guaranteed prize pools.

The first WCOOP took place in 2002 and has since grown to be the premier online poker series in the world. The 2016 WCOOP saw 82 events award $73,504,875 in prize money, including a massive $1,517,541 prize awarded to Jonas “IIJaYJaYII” Lauck who was crowned the 2016 WCOOP Main Event champion.

2017 WCOOP High Events Schedule

DateTime (ET)Event 
Sept. 308:0001-H$215 NLHE [Sunday Kickoff SE]
Sept. 311:0002-H$530 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up SE]
Sept. 314:0003-H$1,050 NLHE [Sunday Million SE]
Sept. 316:0004-H$530 NLO8 [8-Max]
Sept. 410:3005-H$215 PLO [6-Max]
Sept. 413:0006-H$1,050 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 415:3007-H$530 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 511:0008-H$215+R NLHE
Sept. 514:0009-H$530 NLHE [Half Price Super Tuesday]
Sept. 515:0010-H$1,050 Stud Hi/Lo
Sept. 610:3011-H$1,050 NL 5-Card Draw
Sept. 613:0012-H$1,050 NLHE [6-Max, Shootout]
Sept. 614:3013-H$1,050 PLO8 [6-Max]
Sept. 616:0014-H$215 NLHE
Sept. 710:0015-H$1,050 NLHE [4-Max]
Sept. 714:0016-H$530 NLHE [Progressive KO, Half Price Thursday Thrill]
Sept. 715:3017-H$215 8-Game
Sept. 812:0018-H$530 PNL Hold'em [8-Max]
Sept. 813:3019-H$1,050+R PLO [6-Max]
Sept. 816:0020-H$530 NLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom]
Sept. 904:0021-H$215 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 910:0022-H$530 NLHE [Win the Button]
Sept. 913:0023-H$1,050 NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 914:3024-H$1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw
Sept. 1008:0025-H$215 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff SE]
Sept. 1011:0026-H$1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE]
Sept. 1014:0027-H$530 NLHE [Sunday Million SE]
Sept. 1016:3028-H$215 NLHE
Sept. 1111:3029-H$2,100 NLO8 [6-Max]
Sept. 1113:3030-H$215 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 1115:0031-H$215 HORSE [Phase 1 - FLHE]
Sept. 1117:0032-H$530 NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 1210:0033-H$530 PLO [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 1214:0034-H$1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Super Tuesday SE]
Sept. 1215:0031-H$215 HORSE [Phase 1 - FLO8]
Sept. 1313:0035-H$530 NLHE
Sept. 1314:3036-H$1,050 FL Badugi
Sept. 1315:0031-H$215 HORSE [Phase 1 - Razz]
Sept. 1316:0037-H$215 NLHE [6-Max, Zoom]
Sept. 1410:3038-H$215 NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 1414:0039-H$1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE]
Sept. 1415:0031-H$215 HORSE [Phase 1 - Stud]
Sept. 1415:3040-H$530 5-Card PLO [4-Max]
Sept. 1509:0041-H$530 NLHE
Sept. 1513:3042-H$1,050 NLHE/PLO [6-Max]
Sept. 1515:0031-H$215 HORSE [Phase 1 - Stud Hi/Lo]
Sept. 1516:0043-H$215+R NLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom]
Sept. 1607:0044-H$530 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 1610:0031-H$215 HORSE [Final Phase 1 - HORSE]
Sept. 1610:0045-H$215+R NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 1613:0046-H$1,050 NLO8 [6-Max]
Sept. 1614:3047-H$2,100 NLHE [8-Max]
16 Sept.15:0031-H$215 HORSE [Phase 2 - HORSE]
Sept. 1708:0048-H$215 NLHE [8-Max, Sunday Kickoff SE]
Sept. 1711:0049-H$215 NLHE [Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up SE]
Sept. 1714:0050-H$2,100 NLHE [Sunday Million SE]
Sept. 1715:0051-H$25,000 PLO [6-Max, High Roller]
Sept. 1811:3052-H$1,050 Razz
Sept. 1813:3053-H$530 NLHE
Sept. 1816:0054-H$215 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 1910:3055-H$215 NLHE [8-Max, Win the Button]
Sept. 1912:0056-H$530 NL Courchevel Hi/Lo [6-Max]
Sept. 1914:0057-H$2,100 NLHE [Super Tuesday SE]
Sept. 1915:0058-H$2,100 HORSE
Sept. 2010:0059-H$530 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 2012:0060-H$2,100 FL Triple Draw 2-7
Sept. 2013:0061-H$2,100 NLHE [Heads-Up]
Sept. 2014:3062-H$530 PLO8 [8-Max]
Sept. 2016:0063-H$215 NLHE
Sept. 2110:3064-H$1,050 PLO [6-Max]
Sept. 2114:0065-H$2,100 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE]
Sept. 2115:0066-H$25,000 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller]
Sept. 2115:3067-H$1,050 Stud
Sept. 2117:0068-H$215 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 2211:0069-H$1,050 FLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 2212:3070-H$530 NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 2214:3071-H$1,050 FLO8 [8-Max]
Sept. 2216:0072-H$215 PLO [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom]
Sept. 2306:0073-H$215 NLHE
Sept. 2310:0074-H$530 NLHE
Sept. 2313:0075-H$10,300 8-Game [High Roller]
Sept. 2316:0076-H$1,050 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO]
Sept. 2408:0077-H$1,050 NLHE [Sunday Kickoff SE]
Sept. 2411:0078-H$530 NLHE [Sunday Warm-Up SE]
Sept. 2414:0079-H$5,200 NLHE [Main Event]
Sept. 2417:0080-H$215 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 2515:0081-H$530 NLHE [Wrap-Up]
Sept. 408:0001-L$11 NLHE
Sept. 411:0002-L$27 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 414:0003-L$55 NLHE
Sept. 416:0004-L$27 NLO8 [8-Max]
Sept. 510:3005-L$11 PLO [6-Max]
Sept. 513:0006-L$55 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 515:3007-L$27 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 611:0008-L$11+R NLHE
Sept. 614:0009-L$27 NLHE
Sept. 615:0010-L$55 Stud Hi/Lo
Sept. 710:3011-L$55 NL 5-Card Draw
Sept. 713:0012-L$55 NLHE [6-Max, Shootout]
Sept. 714:3013-L$55 PLO8 [6-Max]
Sept. 716:0014-L$11 NLHE
Sept. 810:0015-L$55 NLHE [4-Max]
Sept. 814:0016-L$27 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 815:3017-L$11 8-Game
Sept. 912:0018-L$27 PNL Hold'em [8-Max]
Sept. 913:3019-L$55+R PLO [6-Max]
Sept. 916:0020-L$27 NLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom]
Sept. 1004:0021-L$11 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 1010:0022-L$27 NLHE [Win the Button]
Sept. 1013:0023-L$55 NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 1014:3024-L$55 NL 2-7 Single Draw
Sept. 1108:0025-L$11 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 1111:0026-L$55 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 1114:0027-L$27 NLHE
Sept. 1115:0031-L$11 HORSE [Phase 1 - FLHE]
Sept. 1116:3028-L$11 NLHE
Sept. 1211:3029-L$109 NLO8 [6-Max]
Sept. 1213:3030-L$11 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 1215:0031-L$11 HORSE [Phase 1 - FLO8]
Sept. 1217:0032-L$27 NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 1310:0033-L$27 PLO [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 1314:0034-L$55 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 1315:0031-L$11 HORSE [Phase 1 - Razz]
Sept. 1413:0035-L$27 NLHE
Sept. 1414:3036-L$55 FL Badugi
Sept. 1415:0031-L$11 HORSE [Phase 1 - Stud]
Sept. 1416:0037-L$11 NLHE [6-Max, Zoom]
Sept. 1510:3038-L$11 NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 1514:0039-L$55 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 1515:0031-L$11 HORSE [Phase 1 - Stud Hi/Lo]
Sept. 1515:3040-L$27 5-Card PLO [4-Max]
Sept. 1609:0041-L$27 NLHE
Sept. 1613:3042-L$55 NLHE/PLO [6-Max]
Sept. 1616:0043-L$11+R NLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom]
Sept. 1610:0031-L$11 HORSE [Final Phase 1 - HORSE]
Sept.15:0031-L$11 HORSE [Phase 2 - HORSE]
Sept. 1707:0044-L$27 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 1710:0045-L$11+R NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 1713:0046-L$55 NLO8 [6-Max]
Sept. 1714:3047-L$109 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 1808:0048-L$11 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 1811:0049-L$11 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 1814:0050-L$109 NLHE
Sept. 1815:0051-L$1,050 PLO [6-Max, High Roller]
Sept. 1911:3052-L$55 Razz
Sept. 1913:3053-L$27 NLHE
Sept. 1916:0054-L$11 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 2010:3055-L$11 NLHE [8-Max, Win the Button]
Sept. 2012:0056-L$27 NL Courchevel Hi/Lo [6-Max]
Sept. 2014:0057-L$109 NLHE
Sept. 2015:0058-L$109 HORSE
Sept. 2110:0059-L$27 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]
Sept. 2112:0060-L$109 FL Triple Draw 2-7
Sept. 2113:0061-L$109 NLHE [Heads-Up]
Sept. 2114:3062-L$27 PLO8 [8-Max]
Sept. 2116:0063-L$11 NLHE
Sept. 2210:3064-L$55 PLO [6-Max]
Sept. 2214:0065-L$109 NLHE [Progressive KO]
Sept. 2215:0066-L$1,050 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller]
Sept. 2215:3067-L$55 Stud
Sept. 2217:0068-L$11 NLHE [8-Max]
Sept. 2311:0069-L$55 FLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 2312:3070-L$27 NLHE [6-Max]
Sept. 2314:3071-L$55 FLO8 [8-Max]
Sept. 2316:0072-L$11 PLO [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom]
Sept. 2406:0073-L$11 NLHE
Sept. 2410:0074-L$27 NLHE
Sept. 2413:0075-L$530 8-Game [High Roller]
Sept. 2414:0079-L$215 NLHE [Main Event]
Sept. 2416:0076-L$55 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO]
Sept. 2508:0077-L$55 NLHE
Sept. 2511:0078-L$27 NLHE
Sept. 2515:0081-L$27 NLHE [Wrap-Up]
Sept. 2517:0080-L$11 NLHE [8-Max]

*indicates re-entry

A schedule of the new Low stakes level events will follow shorty. You can view it here.

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  • PokerStars has released the schedule for the 81-event World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP).

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