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UK & Ireland Online Poker Rankings: UK Standings Set for a Shake-Up

UK & Ireland online poker rankings

As was the case last week, there has not been a lot of movement in the online poker rankings due to the majority of the United Kingdom and Ireland’s elite online tournament grinders being in Las Vegas for the 2017 World Series of Poker.

That said, the UK standings could be in for a shake-up because a handful of players competing in them enjoyed some success last week and once these scores are added to their profiles, they could leap several places in the leaderboard.

Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich looks to have opted against heading to the WSOP and this decision looks solid based on his recent scores. Geilich took down the PokerStars Hot $162 on Jun. 15 for $5,230 and then helped himself to the $13,380 runner-up prize in the Big $215 on Jun. 18. The latter hasn’t been added to his profile properly yet, but when it does he should close the gap between himself and second-placed Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford.

UK-based Spaniard Oscar "MendaLerenda” Serradell is another player skipping the early stages of the WSOP to concentrate on grinding online. Serradell won both the $109 NLHE and Hot $162 at PokerStars for $2,893 and $4,162 before finishing third in the $215 Bounty Builder for $4,171.

Serradell’s fellow countryman Vicente “vicenfish” Delgado is also set to climb the UK standings after winning the latest $1,050 Super Tuesday at PokerStars for a cool $59,131 while Dan “deepincidurr” Daw’s final table appearance in the partypoker $250K Gtd Title Fight should add a heap of points at the next rankings update.

Lastly for the UK, shoutouts to Jamie “EzGame89” O’Connor who won the $109 NLHE 6-Max Progressive KO for $1,775 and secured the $4,729 third-place prize of the Big $215, both at PokerStars, and to Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot who has enjoyed lots of deep runs of late, including a third-place in the PokerStars $700 Super-Sized Sunday that netted him a total of $29,315 and should see him improve his world ranking to an all-time high.

UK Online Poker Rankings (June 21, 2017)

UK RankPlayerPoints
1Patrick “pleno1” Leonard7303.06
2Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford7277.42
3Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich6399.15
4Sam “TheSquid” Grafton5495.39
5Oscar “MendaLerenda” Serradell5412.00
6Manu “mbo90” Bardon5179.21
7Vicente “vicenfish” Delgado5060.86
8Scott “Aggro Santos” Margereson5044.01
11David “davaman” Lopez4886.95
12Chris “moorman1” Moorman4785.34
13Oliver “3BunPass” Price4426.72
14Dan “Deepincidurr” Daw4206.47
15Phil “philroyal888” Mighall4180.17
17Jamie “EzGame89” O’Connor4066.52
19Jonathan “TheClaimer” Proudfoot4015.38
20Richard “Keldo” Kellett4001.90

Little Change in the Irish Rankings

Like the UK, many of Ireland’s top online poker tournament players have swapped the virtual felt for the hustle bustle of Las Vegas. This has resulted in the top 10 positions remaining completely unchanged, although there has been some jostling for position in positions 11 through 20.

Third-placed Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson reached more than half-a-dozen final tables last week with the biggest weighing in at $3,042, his reward for finishing third in the $20,000 Sunday Lightning at 888poker, while Conor “ccoonnoorr” O’Driscoll won a $3K Gtd freezeout at partypoker for $1,201 before being the runner-up in the $10K Gtd Counterpunch on the same day for $2,275.

Completing our rankings update for another week is a doff of the cap to “rtspurs” who has been tearing up the mid-stakes mixed games at PokerStars. The Galway-based player returned to the top 20 this week after two wins in NLO8 events and runner-up finishes in Stud Hi/Lo and a NLO8 tournament.

Irish Online Poker Rankings Top 20 (June 21, 2017)

UK RankPlayerPoints
1Toby “Jobytoyce” Joyce5065.36
2James “Jaymo” Noonan4996.39
3Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson4271.77
4Tomas “luckymo32” Geleziunas3906.52
7Kevin “SuitedAcesBaby” Killeen3316.19
8Dara “Doke” O’Kearney3224.90
9Conor “ccoonnoorr” O’Driscoll3203.21
10Cathal “shinerrr” Shine3001.41
11Sean “monkeybudgie” Prendiville2904.88
12Nicholas “YerSoLucky” Newport2862.59
13Daniel “danielt999” Tighe2850.62
14Dan “DatWillDoPig” Rankin2816.85
15Gary “relaxnspew” McGinty2634.60
16Frank “Denman98” Lillis2375.45
17Jason “blaaaaaah666” Tompkins2362.51
18Daragh “daragh999” Davey2352.03
19Andrew “UlDuffer” Sweeney2209.25
  • Who are the current top 20 ranked online poker tournament players who call the UK and Ireland home?

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