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Luke Schwartz Challenges Doug Polk to Vegas Heads-Up Duel

  • Katie CallahanKatie Callahan
  • Luke Schwartz: I’m of course going to play someone worse than me, yeah?

Luke Schwartz and Doug Polk have a contentious past, full of controversial heads-up encounters, Twitter spats and video/podcast declarations of fault.

The latest in the Luke Schwartz-Doug Polk conundrum: Schwartz challenged Doug Polk to a duel in Vegas, after, of course, calling him a pigeon who is in his bedroom making videos, selling his scam to everyone else.

“Listen, I’ll play him in Vegas,” he said to PokerNewsLaura Cornelius. “It’s no big deal. I will play you, Doug, it’s not a big deal. I play 8-Game v. anyone. I play people better than me so I’m of course going to play someone worse than me, yeah? He doesn’t know any of the games. Unless he’s got his little pal, JLlama, sitting behind his back, he stands no chance in it. So if he wants to come to Vegas and play, that’s fine.”

In the past, Schwartz played Polk in $300/$600 2-7 Triple Draw and won. Polk accused Schwartz of having Viktor “Isildur1” Blom play for him, even though Blom was in Sweden and Schwartz was in London.

To add on to their already fragile relationship, Polk later beat Schwartz in a $400/$800 8-Game, and Schwartz decided to use Polk’s tactic against him. Schwartz claimed that Polk was ghosting or multi-accounting with Jake “JLlama” Abdalla.

Now, while Schwartz did say that Polk framing a chart of his poker graph was “reasonably funny,” he hasn’t been particularly content with what Polk has to say.

Whether he’s accusing him of being a bad player who has to sell his house to keep playing on Twitter or writing click bait titles that tilt Schwartz (like “Jason Mercier Cheating Allegations”), Schwartz does seem to resent him still.

He calls on him to frame his own sinking chart, down $600K, as a geezer who can’t win online anymore and yet is still selling.

A meeting between the two might not fare well, he said, but he did commit that he would play him heads up, even doing an impression of Polk’s “goofy voice” and mentioning his bedroom manner as he got worked up about the thought.

Schwartz’s “hissy fits” are nothing new. The pro even said he was controversial eight years ago, claiming it was uncalled for then. Now, he’s said that he just doesn’t appreciate how Polk is misleading people to get more attention because he’s a phony. He’s waiting on the PokerStars SCOOP to see how Polk’s really doing.

“He sold them the dream and he can’t do that anymore,” Schwartz told Cornelius. “There’s no point in paying for his stuff because you know how hard poker is to beat right now. Listen, I’m one of the best poker players in the world. I can tell you it’s hard to beat.”

In Schwartz’s defense, he said that he doesn’t win PokerStars cash games — because those are the hardest to win — and doesn’t play live tournaments, which is why he has no live tournament cashes since 2013 on The Hendon Mob.

His latest cash, actually, will be at the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo, where he is playing now at a table with Dan Smith.

But, when in doubt, quote Daniel Negreanu.

“Negreanu said I beast everything,” he said.

And as Schwartz reasserted, Negreanu said it and knows it.

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