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2017 PokerStars SCOOP Day 13: A Thrill From Thursday

  • Anthony CharterAnthony Charter
  • “B1GL1P$$$” took down the $2,100 Thursday Thrill Special Edition for $191,154.

Day 13 of the 2017 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) saw 12 new champions crowned, including Malta’s “B1GL1P$$$”, who took down the $2,100 Thursday Thrill Special Edition for $191,154, after a heads-up deal and a sizable bounty collection.

SCOOP-44-H saw the Thursday Thrill raise the buy-in to $2,100 and tag a guarantee of $1,000,000. A total of 861 runners gathered to fight for the prestigious title, boosting the prize pool to $1,722,000, which was then cut in half for the bounty pool.

The big story of the day was the play of Lithuania’s Mantas "bagoch" Bagočius. Bagočius sat second in chips when play resumed on Day 2 and quickly found the top spot, dominating the final stages. The two-time Sunday Million winner, who also has a TCOOP title and a Super Tuesday title, was the chip leader when the final table began and steam-rolled the field until play reached three-handed.

PlaceNamePrize + Bounty
1B1GL1P$$$$137,092* + $54,062
2Mantas "bagoch" Bagočius$130,678* + $68,851
3Paris Dedes$83,947.50 + $16,398
4Yakiddinme$62,853 + $16,750 
5Kurt “kurt23x” Fitzgerald$44,341 + $17,218
6merla888$35,731 + $12,156
7FourSixFour$27,121 + $22,781
8citramon65$19,028 + $15,984
9MakaRRRevich$11,020 + $8,156

Impressively, Bagočius built a bounty worth more than fourth-place money. Had the Lithuanian been able to complete a clean sweep of the final table, his bounty could have rivaled even second-place money.

When the final table formed, Bagočius went to work. The two Russian players were Bagočius’s first victims. Pocket eights were enough to best the ace-jack of “MakaRRRevich” but “citramon65” was able to double up, making a flush. A few hands later, Bagočius was given another shot, this time holding ace-queen to citramon65’s king-queen. Bagočius turned a broadway straight and held to avoid a chop.

Bagočius made another broadway straight to deny the UK’s “FourSixFour” a second SCOOP 2017 title. FourSixFour moved all in preflop with pocket eights and Bagočius put them at risk with ace-queen, turning broadway again.

A five-bet jam from “merla888” wasn’t enough to scare away Bagočius, who made the call, putting the Belgian’s tourney life on the line. Bagočius had ace-king of diamonds against pocket queens for merla88. Bagočius paired his king on the flop and collected another bounty.

Almost an hour went by before the next casualty fell. A three-bet from Bagočius was met by a shove from “kurt23x” and Bagočius made the call. Once again, Bagočius was against pocket queens, this time, holding ace-ten. An ace on the flop gave Bagočius the edge and it held through the river.

An ill-timed shove from “Yakiddinme” spelled their departure in fourth. Bagočius opened on the button with jacks and Yakiddinme moved all in from the big blind with two fours. Jacks held and three-handed play began. “Paris Dedes” was significantly short-stacked compared to his table mates when play resumed and tried to mount a comeback before running into B1GL1P$$$.

Paris Dedes attempted a bluff-shove to steal the pot from the big blind but the eventual champ had a hand. A very strong hand. Paris Dedes revealed eight-nine suited but his opponent had pocket queens. The flop gave Paris Dedes outs to a straight but two bricks sent him to the rail in third.

Once heads up, the two finalists quickly came to terms on a deal, chopping the prize pool almost evenly and leaving $10,000 to play for. It didn’t take long for B1GL1P$$$ to close the gap and take over the chip lead. The two battled for a little more than an hour before B1GL1P$$$ won the final hand.

Both players had flopped a pair of fours on a four-five-five flop and all the chips went in. B1GL1P$$$, fortunately, had Bagočius slightly out-kicked, his ace-four just enough to best the king-four of Bagočius.


The current No. 1 ranked online player in the world according to PocketFives, Niklas “Lena900” Astedt, picked up another title, claiming victory in SCOOP-48-M 5-Card NLO8 for $22,457. ... Canadian-based player, “Antonio7”, took the top honors in SCOOP-48-H, collecting $62,160. ... “U1ker” denied Chance “ChanceCU” Kornuth a second title in as many days, winning SCOOP-45-H 5-Card Draw for $23,980. ... Arne "juarnes" Coulier also found the tip of the pedestal, earning *$82,574 for a win in SCOOP-43-H NLHE Deep Stacks.


EventBuy-InPrize PoolWinnerPrize
#43 NLHE Deep Stacks-L$5.50$73,495CaptanPoker$8,610
#43 NLHE Deep Stacks-M$55$274,950dodgethis12$43,567
#43 NLHE Deep Stacks-H$530$562,000Arne "juarnes" Coulier*$82,574
#44 NLHE Progressive KO-L$27$297,865ShootTheSky$19,782
#44 NLHE Progressive KO-M$215$756,000pabritz$59,346
#44 NLHE Thursday Thrill SE-H$2,100$1,722,000B1GL1P$$$*$137,092
#45 NL 5-Card Draw-L$11$24,450Florian d2$3,852
#45 NL 5-Card Draw-M$109$40,800Vensker*$6,618
#45 NL 5-Card Draw-H$1,050$88,000u1ker$23,980
#48 5-Card NLO8-L$11$50,990Florian d2*$5,979
#48 5-Card NLO8-M$109$136,100Lena900$22,457
#48 5-Card NLO8-H$1,050$296,000Antonio7$62,160

*Deal made at the final table

PokerNews will be recapping all the action played out during the 2017 SCOOP. Check back daily for updates, news and more.

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