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Paul Green Wins GUKPT Edinburgh For £17,500

Paul Green: 2017 GUKPT Edinburgh champion

Paul Green won the 2017 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Edinburgh Main Event on Apr. 3 after he outlasted a field of 227 to secure a £17,500 payday.

Green is a regular at the Grosvenor Edinburgh casino and has more than 100 tournament cashes and more than $88,000 in winnings stemming from his play there. Until this weekend, Green’s largest cash weighed in at £7,000, now he can brag of a five-figure score.

2017 GUKPT Edinburgh Final Table Results

1Paul Green£17,500**
2Ian Swan£17,000**
3Mark Frith£17,000**
4Colin Wu£24,000*
5John McGlynn£5,900
6Gary Bertram£4,430
7Usman Ulhaq£3,510
8Andrew Salami£2,840
9Sin Melin£2,390

*denotes a four-way deal
**denotes a three-way deal

The third and final day began with 20 players in their seats and ended with Green holding the winner’s trophy aloft. Ricky Yuill, Allan Peers, Ashley Dakin, Tommy Le, Steven Rinaldi, Ayad Sharhani, Jim Mclean, Gajanthan Kamalanathan, Peter King, Chris Gordon and Steve Sharp all lost their chips, the latter’s elimination setting the nine-handed final table.

2017 GUKPT Edinburgh Final Table

1John McGlynn233,500
2Ian Swan492,500
3Gary Bertram389,500
4Colin Wu1,805,000
5Sin Melin111,500
6Usman Ulhaq289,000
7Andrew Salami332,500
8Mark Frith524,500
9Paul Green353,500

Sin Melin was the first casualty of the final table after she pushed her 111,000 stack into the middle with pocket queens after Ian Swan had opened the pot with queen-jack. Swan called and looked to be resigned to handing over a large portion of his stack until he paired his jack on the flop and caught another on the river.

Thirty minutes later, chip leader Colin Wu raised to 32,000 on the button and Andrew Salami called from the big blind. A nine-high flop with two spades saw Salami check, Wu bet 40,000, Salami check-raise to 80,000 and then call off his 220,000 chips when Wu set him all in.

Salami showed queen-nine for top pair and Wu queen-eight of spades for a flush draw, a flush draw that completed on the river with the arrival of the jack of spades, which left seven players in contention for the title.

Those seven became six when Gary Bertram fell by the wayside after his king-nine lost to the dominating king-queen of Swan with all the chips going into the middle of a king-high flop.

Bertram was joined on the rail a few minutes later by John McGlynn who committed his short stack with a pair of tens and found three callers. McGlynn ultimately lost to the ace-eight of Green when he improved to a pair of aces on the flop.

After an hour of four-handed play, the surviving players paused the tournament clock to discuss a deal. Those negotiations proved fruitful with Swan, Green and Mark Frith agreeing to taking £15,000, Wu securing £24,000 and leaving £6,500 to play for, split among the four finishers.

Wu went from hero to zero in the space of a couple of hands. Wu lost all but two big blinds when his pocket sixes lost to the ace-seven of Swan and bust the next hand.

Another deal was struck that saw each of the three remaining players add another £2,000 to their payout, which left £500 for the eventual champion.

Frith was the first beneficiary of the second deal as he fell in third place. Frith’s king-high flush lost to the ace-high flush of Green.

Green held a 2,500,000 to 1,800,000 chip lead over Swan going into heads up and 45-minutes later he had all of the chips in play. The chips piled into the middle of the table with the flop reading {9-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{8-Spades}. Swan holding {10-Hearts}{9-Spades} and Green {j-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}. The {6-Clubs} turn failed to alter the path of the hand, but the {7-Spades} river gifted Green a straight, which bust Swan and left a delighted Green to become the 2017 GUKPT Edinburgh champion.

The GUKPT next heads to Walsall between Apr. 23-30 where a £100,000 guaranteed Main Event costing £550 takes place.

  • Paul Green has more than 100 tournament cashes in Edinburgh. Now he has a GUKPT title.

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