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Gabriel Pop Triumphs in the Latest DTD200 8-Max Event

Gabriel Pop

Dusk Till Dawn casino hosted another DTD200 event this week and it was Gabriel Pop who emerged victorious to claim the lion’s share of the £100,000 prize pool.

DTD 200 Official Final Table Results (Apr. 2, 2017)

1Gabriel Pop£20,550
2Mark Elliott£12,250
3Shay Ahluwalia£8,350
4Robert Boon£6,600
5Neil Slater£5,400
6Robert Moss£4,550
7William Bennet£3,800
8David Kingsley£3,250

Prizes include a £550 tournament ticket

Some 137 players made it through to Day 2, the final day, but only 47 of them received prize money for their efforts. The last player to leave the casino empty handed was Bernd Kemmerzehl who was a dead stack as he failed to return to Dusk Till Dawn despite progressing from Day 1.

With the bubble burst, Dusk Till Dawn regulars Asif Raja (33rd for £400), Emma Tolley (29th for £500), Tom Haney (25th for £500), Stuart Fox (19th for £1,350), and Anthony Kennedy (17th for £1,550) all secured a profit for their endeavours, and when Ali Haidar bust in ninth place, the final table was set.

DTD200 8-Max Final Table

1Mark Elliott2,578,000
2William Bennet989,000
3Gabriel Pop840,000
4Robert Boon1,759,000
5Robert Moss1,638,000
6David Kingsley736,000
7Shay Ahluwalia3,385,000
8Neil Slater1,609,000

David Kingsley found himself nursing a stack of only five big blinds and moved all in with ace-jack only to find a caller in the shape of William Bennet who held king-seven. Both players improved to top pair on the flop, but Bennet caught a third king on the turn to send Kingsley to the rail.

Bennet was the next to fall courtesy of running into a pair of queens in quick succession. First, Bennet’s ace-jack failed to improve against the queens of Pop before he pushed the rest of his stack in while holding pocket sixes only to see Mark Elliott ultimately win with a pair of queens that improved to a set.

Sixth place went to Robert Moss who four-bet all in with a pair of kings and ran into the pocket aces of Elliot, before Neil Slater crashed out in fifth place.

Robert Boon was then eliminated in fourth place when his top pair failed to hold against the flush draw of Shay Ahluwalia. Despite winning Boon’s chips, Ahluwalia was the third place finisher when Elliot’s jack-ten hit a runner-runner straight to crack Ahluwalia’s pair of eights.

Almost an hour of one-on-one action was required to settle the tournament and it ultimately went Pop’s way. The final hand saw Elliot commit his shortening stack with {j-Spades}{8-Spades} and Pop call with the dominating {k-Clubs}{j-Clubs}. The five community cards ran {10-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}, which meant Pop’s king-kicker played and Elliot was resigned to second place.

  • Gabriel Pop defeated Mark Elliot heads-up to win the £20,550 first place prize in the latest DTD200 event.

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