UK & Ireland Online Poker Rankings: Grafton Returns to Top 20

Sam Grafton
  • Big tournament win pushes Sam Grafton back into the top 20 of the UK Online Poker Rankings.

The United Kingdom online poker rankings, provided by, has a familiar face returning to them this week following an impressive victory in one of PokerStars’ Sunday majors.

Sam “TheSquid” Grafton climbed to 19th place in the UK this week after his massive $52,663 haul for winning the $1,050 Sunday Grand NLHE earned him more than 525 points. Grafton, who has been ranked as high as 40th in the world, also climbed to 143rd in the worldwide standings following the 340th victory of his online career.

Also on the rise and up to second in the UK is the Cardiff-based Spaniard Manu “mbo90” Bardon who won two tournaments at partypoker and the Hot $162 at PokerStars for combined scores in excess of $17,500.

Another UK-based Spanish grinder is “que_te_crio” who finds himself in 11th place in the UK rankings. The Spaniard won the $109 NLHE 6-Max Progressive KO at PokerStars for $2,951 on Mar. 26 and then the Hot $109 at the same site one day later for an additional $7,597.

UK Online Poker Rankings (Mar. 30, 2017)

UK RankPlayerPoints
1Patrick “pleno1” Leonard6325.58
2Manu “mbo90” Bardon5948.59
3Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford5811.57
4Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich5366.27
5Vicente “vicenfish” Delgado5352.67
6Scott “Aggro Santos” Margereson5273.94
7Phil “philroyal888” Mighall4797.03
8Oliver “3BunPass” Price4701.21
10Oscar “MendaLerenda” Serradell4578.31
12Owain “sngwonder” Carey4490.61
13Rick “TheClaimer” Trigg4412.96
15Chris “moorman1” Moorman4300.11
17Luke “LFmagic” Fields4230.58
18Jamie “EzGame89” O’Connor4175.81
19Sam “TheSquid” Grafton4045.26
20Andy “andyh26” Holman4041.45

Toby Joyce Leapfrogs into First Place in Ireland

The past couple of weeks has seen Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson and James “Jaymo” Noonan battle it out for the number one spot in the Irish online poker rankings, but this week the Emerald Isle has a brand new number one. Step forward Toby “JobyToyce” Joyce.

Joyce was on third place last week but it now at the top of the Irish standings, albeit it by 0.25 points, after an impressive week at the virtual felt. Joyce has been hitting the partypoker tables hard and can brag of results such as:

  • Third place in the $5K Gtd Progressive KO for $490
  • Third place in the $5K Gtd Kangaroo for $825
  • First place in the $5K Gtd 6-Max PLO for $2,080
  • Second place in the $20K Gtd 6-Max Turbo High Roller for $4,549
  • Second place in the $25K Gtd High Roller for $8,527
  • Fifth place in the $25K Gtd Clubber for $1,426

As a result of these finishes, Joyce climbed to an all-time high of 58th in the world.

Only 6.35 points separate Joyce from third-placed Noonan then there is a gap of more than 1,000 to “Noogaii.”It is highly unlikely that the gap will be bridged because most, if not all, of the current Irish top 20 are in Dublin for the 2017 Irish Open festival and are less likely to be playing online poker during the coming week.

Irish Online Poker Rankings Top 20 (Mar. 30, 2017)

UK RankPlayerPoints
1Toby “Jobytoyce” Joyce5081.51
2Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson5081.26
3James “Jaymo” Noonan5075.16
5Tomas “luckymo32” Geleziunas3971.36
8Kevin “SuitedAcesBaby” Killeen3527.39
9Daniel “danielt999” Tighe3437.54
10Sean “monkeybudgie” Prendiville3341.15
11Cathal “shinerrr” Shine3270.76
12Dara “Doke” O’Kearney3266.63
13Nicholas “YerSoLucky” Newport3127.39
14Gary “relaxnspew” McGinty2985.46
15Jason “blaaaaaah666” Tompkins2821.63
16Conor “ccoonnoorr” O’Driscoll2658.62
17Daragh “daragh999” Davey2622.93
18Dan “DatWillDoPig” Rankin2614.32
19Andrew “UlDuffer” Sweeney2399.25

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