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[Removed:158] Wins the 2017 Unibet Open London Main Event

[Removed:158] Wins the 2017 Unibet Open London Main Event 0001

[Removed:158] became the first Belgian to win a Unibet Open event after he triumphed in the 2017 Unibet Open London Main Event over the weekend.

Official Final Table Results

2Dejan GovedicSlovenia£45,060
3Anton KuznetsovRussia£31,070
4Francis Foord-BrownUK£23,000
5Bhavin KhatriUK£17,720
6Rauno TahvonenEstonia£13,650
7Kevin BardenGermany£10,940
8Manuel BardonSpain£8,750
9Martin GallagherUK£7,010

The third and final day started with 13 players in contention for the title. Francis Foord-Brown began Day 3 as the chip leader while Fabio Miranda was in the unenviable position of being the tournament’s short stack.

It was Miranda who was the first player to fall as he attempted to build a stack and Miranda was followed to the rail by Tamer Kamel, Pavlos Xanthopoulos and Krzysztof Jaguscik, the latter’s exit setting the nine-handed final table.

First to fall from the final table was Martin Gallagher who three-bet all in for 11 big blinds with a pair of red jacks and ultimately ran into the pocket kings of Foord-Brown. A king on the flop left Gallagher needing running jacks on the turn and river, but a nine landed on the turn to leave him drawing dead.

Eighth place went to Spain’s Manuel Bardon when his suited queen-jack couldn’t beat the ace-king of Dejan Govedic before Kevin Barden’s tournament came to an abrupt end when his jack-ten failed to come from behind to beat the ace-king of Van Lancker.

Next to head to the cashier’s cage was Rauno Tahvonen of Estonia who had been battling with a short stack most of the day. Tahvonen was all in for less than two big blinds with ace-jack and was against three opponents. One of those opponents was Foord-Brown who held a pair of sixes, which improved to a set on the flop. Despite picking up an inside straight draw on the flop, Tahvonen didn’t improve his holding and he exited in sixth place.

The 2016 Unibet Open London runner-up Bhavin Khatri was the next player to fall by the wayside and did so in cruel circumstances. Khatri moved all in for a handful of big blinds with a pair of aces and looked set for a double up when Van Lancker called with a pair of kings. Van Lancker flopped a set and it was more than enough to resign Khatri to fifth place.

The final four became three when the start-of-day chip leader Foord-Brown bust at the hands of Van Lancker. The former moved all in for 13 big blinds with queen-seven and needed some help from the community cards as Van Lancker held ace-ten. The help never arrived for Foord-Brown, instead the flop gifted Van Lancker two pair and Foord-Brown crashed out in fourth place.

Anton Kuznetsov superb run in the tournament ended when he committed his 12.5 big blind stack with eight-seven of spades and Van Lancker called with king-jack. Neither player improved their holdings, Van Lancker’s king-high played and heads up was set.

Van Lancker held a three-to-one chip lead over Govedic and it didn’t take long for Van Lancker to win the rest of the chips in play. Down to 1,500,000 at the 60,000/120,000 level, Govedic announced he was all in with {j-Hearts}{5-Clubs} and Van Lancker called with the dominating {j-Spades}{10-Hearts}. By the river the board read {6-Hearts}{k-Spades}{8-Hearts}{a-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} which bust Govedic and left Van Lancker to be announced as the 2017 Unibet Open London champion.

  • Belgium had never had a Unibet Open champion until this weekend in London.

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