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Vahid Amirzahiri Wins the Latest DTD200 Tournament

Vahid “Ronaldo” Amirzahiri

Vahid “Ronaldo” Amirzahiri is the latest player to be crowned a DTD200 champion after he triumphed in the £100,000 guaranteed DTD200 event at Dusk Till Dawn this weekend.

DTD200 Official Final Table Results

1Vahid Amirzahiri£20,550
2Anthony Napolitano£12,000
3Jamie Clossick£8,000
4Guy Taylor£6,150
5Craig Bickerton£5,050
7Jon Hayward£3,550
8Craig Goldsmith£3,000

Forty-eight players made it into the money places where the likes of Ben Jackson (41st for £500), Tom Kugelstadt (25th for £700), Cat Winch (15th for £1,700) and Frank Romanello (ninth for £2,600) fell.

Everyone at the eight-handed final table locked up £3,000 for their efforts but Craig Goldsmith would win no more as he fell in eighth place at the hands of Jamie Clossick. Goldsmith three-bet shoved for nine big blinds with a pair of black eights after Clossick had opened with a raise with ace-queen of diamonds. Clossick called, caught an ace on the flop, which also contained two diamonds, and Goldsmith could not find his one out.

Two eliminations in quick succession left the tournament with only five players. Jon Hayward pushed all-in on a king-high flop with king-six and lost to the dominating king-jack of Amirzahiri. Soon after, a player wishing to remain anonymous defended her button after Guy Taylor raised. Taylor then check-jammed on a jack-deuce-deuce flop with pocket queens and Miss Anon called with king-jack. The turn and river bricked and Anon was gone.

Fifth place went to Craig Bickerton who called off his four big blinds with queen-jack after Anthony Napolitano moved all-in on him with what turned out to be a pair of sevens. The pair held and Bickerton, a dealer at Dusk Till Dawn, exited from the tournament.

The dangerous Taylor was the next to fall, losing a coinflip with ace-queen against the pocket fives of Amirzahiri, which left the latter holding 9,600,000 of the 13,770,000 chips in play. Amirzahiri tightened his grip on the tournament when he sent Clossick to the rail in third place.

Napolitano attempted to stage a comeback against the seemingly unstoppable Amirzahiri but it was not meant to be. The final hand of the tournament saw Amirzahiri open to 450,000 and then call when Napolitano three-bet all-in for 4,670,000. Amirzahiri showed {q-Clubs}{j-Clubs} and was up against {a-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}. A final board reading {7-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{5-Spades}{9-Spades}{j-Hearts} bust Napolitano in second place, good for £12,000, and left a jubilant Amirzahiri to be crowned DTD200 8-Max champion.

  • Vahid “Ronaldo” Amirzahiri won the £100,000 guaranteed DTD200 this weekend.

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