888poker 2017 Super XL Series Day 2: Renato "curioso24" Lezama Makes Two Final Tables

888poker 2017 Super XL Series
  • Who started his weekend with a nice payday on 888poker? Let's have look!

The first weekend of the 888poker 2017 Super XL Series is coming up, preceded by a quiet second day of the series on Friday. There were only two tournaments on the schedule. Who started his weekend with a nice payday on 888poker? Let's have look!

Event #4 $20,000 Super XL - Twins Royal

$50+5Jan. 20764$38,200

The first tournament of the second day was the $20,000 Super XL - Twins Royal, which had a buy-in of $50+5. In total 764 players registered for event number four of the 888poker 2017 Super XL Series to create a total prize pool of $38,200.

8Renato "curioso24" Lezama$840,40

None of the 888poker Ambassadors played in this tournament, all probably taking a day off before a huge weekend on 888poker. Gary "grunner777" Runner almost made it to the final table of this event, but he finished in tenth position to become the final table bubble for $420.20.

Renato "curioso24" Lezama managed to make the final table, but he busted right after "Whispering_w" finished in ninth place. Lezama finished in eight place and got $840.40 for his result. After those bust-outs, the tournament lost "frisni" (7th - $1,222.40), "drkorn718" (6th - $1,604.60), "spaarky777" (5th - $1,986,40) and "tonbezerra" (4th - $2,845.90) to reach the final three.

"YourNotSure" missed out on the deciding heads-up to finish in third for $3,781.80. The battle for victory was won by "AMG_people" to secure himself of $7,009.70 while runner-up "PuntSonPunt" got $5,004.20 for his or her efforts.

Event #5: $20,000 Super XL - Twins Flush

$50+5Jan. 20694$34,700

The second and last tournament on Day 2 of the 888poker 2017 Super XL Series was the $20,000 Super XL - Twins Flush. 694 players register for this tournament to create a prize pool of $34,700, almost double the guarantee of $20,000.

4Renato "curioso24" Lezama$2,602.50

888poker had a special promotion on Day 2 of the series with extra prizes for players who could cash, make the final table or win both tournaments. If a player could manage to win both they would win themselves $100,000! This almost impossible achievement wasn't managed by one player, but there was a story on Day 2.

After having finished in eight place in Event #4, Renato "curioso24" Lezama got himself a seat on the final table of Event #5 as well. He got a $2,100 seat for the High Roller-event and a $1,050 Main Event-ticket for that feat! After making his second final table of the day he got to take fourth place in this tournament for $2,602.50.

Following him to the rail was Latvian player "R0bis5s" who finished third for $3,470. The heads-up between "P0vorachivay" and "tttexa" was won by the Russian and for that he got $6,506.26 in prize money. "tttxea" from Ukraine couldn't complain because he got $4,684.50 for his second place.


After the second day, the leaderboard is as followed with Event #4 winner, AMG_people, currently leading the way. Renato "curioso24" Lezama is now in sixth place after reaching those two final tables:

3trojanmouseCzech Republic329.29
7P0vorachivayRussian Federation235.31
9PuntSonPuntCzech Republic223.35

Upcoming Tournaments

DateTime (GMT)EventBuy-in
Jan. 2116:00Event #6 $40,000 Super XL - Octopus$215
 17:40Event #7 $20,000 Super XL - Saturday R&A$55
 19:00Event #8 $80,000 Super XL - Crazy 8$88
 19:00Event #9 $15,000 Super XL - Mini Crazy 8$8.80
 19:35Event #10 $25,000 Super XL - Saturday Challenge$55
 21:00Event #11 $15,000 Super XL - Turbo Crazy 8$55
Jan. 2215:45Event #12 $35,000 Super XL - Sunday Breeze$55
 17:30Event #13 $150,000 Super XL - Mega Deep$215
 18:00Event #14 $250,000 Super XL - Tune Up$160
 18:00Event #15 $50,000 Super XL - Mini Tune Up$12
 18:30Event #16 $35,000 Super XL - Sunday Monsoon$55
 19:00Event #17 $200,000 Super XL - Whale$600
 19:35Event #18 $100,000 Super XL - Sunday Challenge$90
 20:30Event #19 $50,000 Super XL - Turbo Mega Deep$215
 19:35Mega Satellite to Main Event - 15 seats GTD$160
 21:00Event #20 $30,000 Super XL - Turbo Tune Up$55
 22:00Event #21 $10,000 Super XL - Super Turbo Tune Up$75
Jan. 2319:00Event #22 $15,000 Super XL - Omaha Event$109
 19:00Event #23 $5,000 Super XL - Mini Omaha Event$12
 19:35Event #24 $10,000 Super XL - Monday Royal$22
 19:35Event #25 $10,000 Super XL - Monday Flush$22
 20:00Event #26 $15,000 Super XL - Snap Event$55
 20:00Event #27 $5,000 Super XL - Mini Snap Event$5
888poker 2017 Super XL Series Day 2: Renato "curioso24" Lezama Makes Two Final Tables 101

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