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Niall Farrell Wins the WPT Caribbean Main Event

Niall Farrell

Niall Farrell is the latest British player to win a World Poker Tour Main Event after he topped a field of 323 entrants at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana to become the 2016 partypoker WPT Caribbean champion.

2016 WPT Caribbean Main Event Final Table Results

1Niall Farrell$335,000
2Troy Quenneville$220,000
3Anthony Augustino$140,000
4Colin Moffatt$105,392
5Yiannis Liperis$80,000
6Stephen Woodhead$66,000

Farrell went into the six-handed final table with a 20 big blind stack, placing him fifth in terms of number of chips and only a single big blind more than the United Kingdom’s Stephen Woodhead. Farrell scored a double up through Colin Moffatt on the 17th hand of the final table action, his queen-jack flopping a jack to beat Moffatt’s pocket tens.

Seven hands later, Farrell sent Woodhead to the rail in sixth place. After raising to 105,000 from late position, Farrell called when Woodhead three-bet all in for 750,000 in total. Woodhead showed ace-ten and was in bad shape against Farrell’s dominating ace-jack. The board ran out eight-high, Farrell’s jack-kicker played and Woodhead headed for the exits.

Twenty-three hands after Woodhead’s demise, Yiannis Liperis was eliminated by Anthony Augustino. Liperis pushed all-in for only 375,000 with ace-three, Augustino called with ace-nine and when neither player improved, Augstino's nine-kicker shattered Liperis’ dreams and left the tournament with only four players.

Those four became three on the 64th hand of the final table. From the button, Farrell made it 125,000 to play while holding a pair of sixes. Moffatt pushed his 1,180,000 stack into the middle from the big blind with ace-seven and Farrell called. Moffatt improved to two pair on the flop, but Farrell turned a set. The river bricked off and Moffatt’s tournament was over.

Another nine hand played out before Farrell moved all in from the small blind with queen-nine and Augustino called off his 1,160,000 stack from the big blind with the ace-six of clubs. By the river Farrell had improved to a king-high straight to send the Main Event to the heads-up stage.

Farrell went into heads-up with a 102 big blind stack to Troy Quenneville’s 19 big blinds. On the first one-on-one hand, Farrell set his opponent all in holding ace-five and was called and shown king-jack of spades. Both players improved to top pair on the flop, but Quenneville couldn’t find any more of his outs and bust in second place, leaving Farrell to collect the $335,000 first place prize, which includes a $15,000 seat into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions.

Lead image courtesy of the WPT Live Reporting team

  • Niall Farrell topped a field of 323 entries to win the 2016 partypoker WPT Caribbean Main Event.

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