Guy Leathley Crowned 2016 GPS Mini Torquay Champion

Guy Leathley

Guy Leathley is the latest player to win a Genting Poker Series Mini tournament after he emerged victorious in the £35,000 guaranteed Torquay event over the weekend.

2016 GPS Mini Torquay Final Table Results

1Guy Leathley£10,680
2Martin Smith£6,995
3Reza Vard£4,605
4Joshua Boulton£2,765
5Deivis Rinkevicius£2,210
6Simon Eriksson£1,750
7Christopher Wills£1,380
8Steven Laister£1,105
9Ryan Foster£730

All players at the final table also won a £440 Genting Poker Series seat

A field of 204 players descended on the Genting Club Torquay for the £220 buy-in tournament, beating the guarantee by £5,800 and creating a first-place prize of £10,860. The money bubble burst late on the final day’s play, Daxi Zhang being the unfortunate soul to earn the unwanted title of bubble boy.

Zhang was all-in with {k-Clubs}{8-Clubs} on a {9-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{3-Clubs} board and Guy Leathley tank-called with {q-Hearts}{q-Spades}. Zhang needed a king or a club to stay in the tournament, but the river was the {j-Spades}, which bust him in 21st place and meant each of the remaining players locked up £370 for their efforts.

By the time the nine-handed final table was reached, the minimum prize was £730, but with a five-figure score awaiting the winner nobody wanted to collect that sum. However, the very nature of tournament poker meant someone had to fall first and that player was Ryan Foter who three-bet shoved 18 big blinds with a pair of jacks and lost a coinflip to the suited ace-queen of Leathley who flopped an ace.

Leathley then extended his chip lead when his queens held against Steven Laister’s jacks, and then busting Christopher Wills in seventh-place to take a commanding lead. Simon Eriksson crashed out in sixth-place before Deivis Rinkevicius, Joshua Boulton, Reza Vard, and the eventual runner-up Martin Smith to leave Leathley as the last man standing, thus becoming the 2016 GPS Mini Torquay champion, an accolade that came with a £10,680 prize.

Next up for the Genting Poker Series is a trip to the North-East from November 17. GPS Newcastle is another mini event, a £220 buy-in with a £35,000 guarantee, and is sure to be one of the biggest of the mini events held on the GPS this season because of Newcastle’s vibrant poker scene.

  • Guy Leathley won the 2016 Genting Poker Series Mini Torquay event, turning £220 into more than £10,000.

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