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Ben Winsor Wins the WPT500 UK for £150,000

Ben Winsor: 2016 partypoker WPT500 UK champion
  • Ben Winsor topped a field of 1,835 players to win the 2016 partypoker WPT500 UK's £150,000 first place prize.

Ben Winsor won the 2015 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Grand Final in November 2015, securing a £178,600 payday. Fast forward 12 months and Winsor has bagged himself another six-figure score by winning the 2016 partypoker WPT500 UK for £150,000.

2016 partypoker WPT500 UK Final Table Results

1Ben Winsor£150,000
2Keith Cummins£90,000
3William Davies£60,000
4Jav Javed£40,000
5John Bonadies£27,250
6Marian Flesar£20,000
7Andrew Hulme£15,000
8Jack Hoffmann£12,000
9Charalampos Lappas£9,000

A total of 1,835 players exchanged £550 for 30,000 tournament chips and the chance to become a WPT champion. That huge field was reduced to the final table of nine by approximately 10:00 p.m. GMT on October 31, with Slovakia’s Marian Flesar leading the way.

2016 partypoker WPT500 UK Final Table

1John Bonadies3,825,000
2Keith Cummins9,350,000
3Jav Javed2,700,000
4Andrew Hulme6,900,000
5Jack Hoffmann8,025,000
6Charalampos Lappas1,500,000
7Will Davies3,850,000
8Ben Winsor7,975,000
9Marian Flesar10,725,000

Only six hands played out before a player bust from the final table, Charalampos Lappas being the first casualty of the final. Lappas was down to less than 10 big blinds when the action folded to him in the small blind and he moved all in with the lowly five-deuce. Will Davies called from the big blind with a pair of black sixes, which held to send Lappas to the rail.

Jack Hoffmann was the next to fall, jamming with ace-queen from the button for 10 big blinds and losing a coinflip to Davies who isolated him with a pair of nines.

A couple of hands after Hoffmann’s demise, Andrew “stato_1” Hulme committed his 17.5 big blind stack with a pair of eights and will consider himself unlucky to have run into the powerhouse hand that is pocket kings, held by John Bonadies. No help arrived for Hulme, his snowmen were melted, and he headed to the cashier’s desk to collect seventh place money.

Sixth place went to Flesar who raised to 1,100,000 at the 200,000/400,000/50,000a level with ace-seven of hearts and was called by Davies holding queen-jack. Flesar pushed the rest of his stack in on the flop, where he had improved to a pair of sevens, but Davies had flopped a jack and had a relatively easy call, which he made. Davies caught a queen on the turn before the river bricked to send Flesar home earlier than he would have anticipated.

Bonadies was the next player heading for the exits, his ace-five flopping two pair to edge in front of Keith Cummins’ ace-king, but the board paired and counterfeited Bonadies’ hand to leave only four players in contention for the £150,000 first place prize.

Those four became three with the elimination of Jav Javed who decided queen-nine of diamonds was good enough to steal the blinds and antes with, but wasn’t prepared for Davies to wake up with the dominating ace-queen. Neither player improved their holdings so Davies’ ace-high was enough to end Javed’s impressive run in the tournament.

Davies became the third place finisher shortly after having pocket queens cracked by king-three. The rest of Davies’ stack went into the middle of the partypoker-branded felt with queen-seven of hearts, Cummins had the easiest call of his career as he held black kings, and when Cummings turned a set, Davies’ tournament was over.

It only needed three hands to conclude the tournament and crown the champion. Winsor raised with a pair of eights, Cummins moved all in with ace-ten, and Winsor called. The king-high flop gave Cummins some outs to a Broadway straight, but they failed to materialise, sending him to the rail in second place and leaving Winsor to get his hands on the second largest live tournament cash of his career to date.

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