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888poker Players Win Big in BLAST Tournaments

888poker BLAST

888poker launched its take on jackpot Sit & Go tournaments in July when it introduced BLAST tournaments to its downloadable and mobile online poker client. The exciting format gives 888poker’s players the chance to play for a prize pool between twice and 10,000-times their initial buy-in, and with the highest buy-in being $30, prize pools of up to $300,000 are created and won in a matter of minutes.

Last weekend, two BLAST tournaments had a 10,000-times multiplier applied to the prize pool.

In a $5 buy in BLAST game, “Mn79Ben” came away with a massive $30,000 cash haul, with the runner-up scooping $10,000, Both the third-and-fourth-place finishers collecting a cool $5,000 each.

During the same weekend, “bucopepic” of Sweden sat down in a $30 BLAST tournament and must have been overjoyed to see the multiplier hit the jackpot of 10,000-times. Up for grabs was $300,000. The third-and-fourth-place finishers banked $30,000 each, the runner-up added $30,000 to their bankroll and the Swedish champion was $60,000 richer than when the poker session started.

What Makes BLAST Tournaments Special?

Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments seem to be the latest craze in the online poker world and every site of note has its own version. BLAST tournaments are set aside from the competition thanks to a couple of major differences from what is considered the norm.

First, the tournaments are played on four-handed tables instead of three-handed tables. Players sit down with a more generous helping of 1,500 chips instead of the shallower 500. The biggest difference, however, is the fact each BLAST tournament is on a timer. Once that timer expires, the active players are set all in until a winner is determined; BLAST tournaments favor the more aggressive players who are going all out for the win.

Prize pool MultiplierLength of Timer
2 to 5x6 minutes
10x8 minutes
100x10 minutes
1,000 to 10,000x12 minutes

Most of the time, BLAST tournament players will compete for a prize pool that is twice the size of the buy-in. In these games, the eventual champion wins the prize money. Once a five-time multiplier is hit, the top two finishers win a share of the prize pool, which increases to the top three finishers for multipliers of 10 and 100 times.

When playing for the really big money, with the prize pool multiplier showing 1,000 or 10,000 times, all four players walk away with a cash prize for their efforts.

Prize pool multiplier1st place2nd place3rd place4th place

Play a BLAST Tournament Today

If you want a chance of turning a small buy-in into a massive prize in a BLAST tournament, download 888poker via UK & Ireland PokerNews to be rewarded with a free £20. When you make your first deposit, 888poker matches it 100 percent up to a wallet-filling $888. How high will you BLAST your new bankroll?

  • Find out more about 888poker BLAST tournaments where two games awarded 10,000 times the buy-in.

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